Cancellation Limitation Sample Clauses

Cancellation Limitation. You will have no right to cancel or amend a payment order to initiate a wire transfer after CFCU receives it. CFCU will make a reasonable effort to act on a cancellation or amendment of a payment order made by you prior to the time that CFCU executes such payment order, but CFCU has no liability if your cancellation or amendment is ineffective.
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Related to Cancellation Limitation

  • Cancellation of Service You have the right to cancel this Agreement with NEC Co-op Energy without penalty or fee of any kind within three (3) federal business days after you receive your Terms of Service Agreement. NEC Co-op Energy will provide you with 45 calendar days advance written notice of any material change in the Terms of Service, either in your bill or in a separate mailing. The changes will become effective on the date stated in the notice unless you cancel your Agreement. You may cancel your Agreement no later than 10 calendar days before the effective date of the material change. In the event of cancellation, if you request a specific date to switch your service other than your next meter read date, you may incur a cost for this switch. Service Protections: NEC Co-op Energy will not terminate a customer's service for (1) delinquency of payment by a previous occupant, (2) failure to pay charges not related to electric service, (3) failure to pay for a different class of electric service, (4) failure to pay an under billing, other than for theft of service, more than 6 months old, (5) failure to pay for a disputed charge until a determination as to the accuracy is made,

  • TERMINATION/CANCELLATION Cancellation of orders once placed with or accepted by Seller can be made only with Seller’s consent. Should Buyer, due to good cause, desire to affect the cancellation of an accepted order, Seller will accept such cancellation on the following basis:

  • Cancellation Rights If the offer of a place and its acceptance are both made entirely at distance by means of post or electronic communication, the Parents may cancel this Agreement at any time within 14 days of the date they accept a place at the School in accordance with clause 3.3. In such circumstances the Acceptance Deposit and the Additional Deposit, if paid, will be refunded together with any Fees paid pro-rated if the School has provided any educational services under this Agreement.

  • Cancellation Provisions You are authorized, in your discretion, should I die or should you for any reason whatever deem it necessary for your protection, without notice, to cancel any outstanding orders in order to close out my accounts, in whole or in part, or to close out any of the commitments made on my behalf.

  • Cancellation of Event A. XXXX reserves the right to cancel Event due to circumstances beyond NYLA’s control or not reasonably anticipated by XXXX, including but not limited, to acts of God, acts of war, governmental emergency, imposition of martial law, labor strike or unrest, or inability of Facility to host Event.

  • CANCELLATION OF AGREEMENT In the event that prior to the Closing Date (a) trading in securities on the New York Stock Exchange generally, or in securities of the Bank in particular, shall have been suspended, or minimum prices established by the New York Stock Exchange, or any new restrictions on transactions in securities shall have been established by the New York Stock Exchange or by the Commission or by any other United States Federal or State agency or by any action of the United States Congress or by executive order to such a degree as, in your judgment as the Representatives, to affect materially and adversely the marketing of the Securities or (b) existing financial, political or economic conditions in Europe, the United States or elsewhere shall have undergone any change which, in your judgment as the Representatives, would materially and adversely affect the market for the Securities, this Agreement and all obligations of the Underwriters hereunder may be canceled at, or at any time prior to, the Closing Date by you, as the Representatives, without liability on the part of any Underwriter to the Bank or of the Bank to any Underwriter, subject to Section 11(e). Notice of such cancellation shall be given to the Bank in writing, or by cable or telephone confirmed in writing.

  • Vacation Cancellation ‌ Should the Employer be required to cancel scheduled vacation leave because of an emergency or exceptional business needs, affected employees may select new vacation leave from available dates. In the event the affected employee has incurred non-refundable, out-of-pocket vacation expense, the employee will normally be reimbursed by the Employer, if the Employer had previously approved the employee’s vacation leave request and if the employee has an adequate leave balance at the time of the vacation to take the vacation.

  • CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT The Division of Procurement Services reserves the right to cancel a contract with a thirty-day written notice OR cancel immediately if the contractor does not conform to terms and conditions and specifications of contract.

  • Cancellation OSS Charge <<customer_name>> will incur an OSS charge for an accepted LSR that is later canceled by <<customer_name>>. Note: Supplements or clarifications to a previously billed LSR will not incur another OSS charge.

  • Shift Cancellation If any nurse is cancelled with less than twenty four (24) hours notice of the commencement of their assigned duties she shall be paid a minimum of three (3) hours pay at the applicable rate of pay. Notice will be left on the employee’s work voice mail.

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