Campus Sample Clauses

Campus. The term "campus" as used in this Agreement refers to one university or college and all its facilities which is a member institution of The California State University. The term "campus" shall also refer to the Office of the Chancellor, when appropriate.
Campus. – Shall mean a specific site of the International Academy program with its own geographically separate location approved by the Consortium to operate under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Approved campuses are set forth in Appendix D hereto.
Campus. The parties agree that Sublandlord shall provide a license, to the extent it can without obtaining consents from any landords, to Subtenant to use the other property then-currently owned or leased by Sublandlord at its "Newport Beach Campus", which is defined as the property bordered by Jamboree, MacArthur, Von Karman and Birch streets, and as of the Effective Date are at 4311 Jamboree Road, 5000 Birch and 4340 Von Karman, as long as such use is in accordance with the CC&Rs and any such other rules or regulations applicable to such properties.
Campus. Plymouth Meeting Executive Campus consists of approximately 21.854 acres of ground and certain buildings and other improvements thereon (including four separate office buildings, of which the Building is one, and related amenities), all located at or about Germantown Pike and Hickory Road, in Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (the "Campus"). Landlord reserves the right, in its sole discretion, at any time and from time to time, to expand and/or reduce the amount of ground and/or improvements of which the Campus consists.
Campus. The BSC campus is defined for purposes of this Agreement as property owned, leased or used by BSC, a state governmental entity, and more specifically, it means the premises of the campus proper, i.e., main campus, located in City of Bismarck. It does not include properties owned, leased or used by BSC at other locations within the City of Bismarck.
Campus. The Union shall be permitted one half hour during normally scheduled working hours to conduct its orientation program for employees who are new to the bargaining unit. Such attendance by employees shall be on a voluntary basis and without loss of pay. The meetings will take place at a mutually agreed upon time. The University will arrange to have rooms available for these meetings pursuant to the University policy, and will notify the Union of the locations of the meetings. Should the Union request to change the time of the meeting, the Union shall provide advance notice to the employer.
Campus. The term "campus" as used in this Agreement refers Mills College, located at Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94613.
Campus. The term “Campus” is defined in Section 1.03.
Campus. Unless otherwise expressly provided, the term “Campus” shall be deemed to refer to the District’s College campus.
Campus seniority list and shall have a seniority date of hire based on each employee's present