Baseline Services Sample Clauses

Baseline Services. The following baseline services (“Baseline Services”) are to be included in the member fee (“Member Fee”) described in Paragraph 5. Additional Baseline Services to be included in the annual Member Fee must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Board as part of its budgetary process. The Member Fee will constitute the payment mechanismby which the Parties pay the Authority for the Baseline Services provided and will be established by the Board during the Authority’s budget process:
Baseline Services. Baseline services include all of the services required to deliver the Show as set forth in Articles 3 and 4 hereof and will be priced and invoiced to ADVANCE at the price of [*] per Show, payable in full twenty (20) days after each Show Delivery Date. Such prices will be all-inclusive of any and all costs, expenses, materials, licenses, royalties, fees or charges in connection with the baseline services required hereunder. If the term of this Agreement is extended, the price will be increased on each April 1 by an amount equal to 2% of the then current price.