Audit or Investigation Sample Clauses

Audit or Investigation. Audits or investigations may be conducted to determine compliance with the rules and regulations of the program. If an audit or investigation is initiated, the Provider shall retain all original records and supportive materials until the audit is completed and all issues are resolved, even if the period of retention extends beyond the required 6-year period.
Audit or Investigation. Provider acknowledges and agrees that it will provide, at no cost, the State Programs, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of the Inspector General and/or the Texas Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, an independent verification and validation contractor or quality assurance contractor acting on behalf of HHSC, State or federal law enforcement agency, special or general investigation committee of the Texas Legislature, the U.S. Comptroller General, MCO Program personnel from HHSC or its designee, the Office of the State Auditor of Texas, any other State or federal entity identified by HHSC or engaged by HHSC or their authorized representatives with prompt, reasonable, and adequate access to the Agreement, and any records, books documents and papers that are related to the Agreement and/or Providers performance of its responsibilities under the Agreement.
Audit or Investigation. Provider agrees to provide, at no cost, the following entities or their designees with prompt, reasonable, and adequate access to the Agreement and any records, books, documents, and papers that are related to the Agreement and/or Provider’s performance of its responsibilities under the Agreement:
Audit or Investigation. 2.3.1 The following entities may request copies of this Agreement and any records, books, documents, paper, and any other information related to this Agreement or the Provider’s performance of its responsibilities under this Agreement:
Audit or Investigation. (a) Audits or investigations may be conducted to determine com- pliance with the rule and regulations of the program.
Audit or Investigation. (a) If, during the period of six years after Closing any Group Company is notified by any Governmental Authority or receives any enquiries relating to any actual or potential investigation or audit or correspondence of a like nature which could result in a review of the relevant Group Company by the Governmental Authority in respect of a period prior to Closing, Valspar will be responsible for all responses to the Governmental Authority.

Related to Audit or Investigation

  • Independent Investigation Subscriber, in making the decision to purchase the Units, has relied upon an independent investigation of the Company and has not relied upon any information or representations made by any third parties or upon any oral or written representations or assurances from the Company, its officers, directors or employees or any other representatives or agents of the Company, other than as set forth in this Agreement. Subscriber is familiar with the business, operations and financial condition of the Company and has had an opportunity to ask questions of, and receive answers from the Company’s officers and directors concerning the Company and the terms and conditions of the offering of the Units and has had full access to such other information concerning the Company as Subscriber has requested. Subscriber confirms that all documents that it has requested have been made available and that Subscriber has been supplied with all of the additional information concerning this investment which Subscriber has requested.

  • Investigation Upon receipt of the complaint, the Supervisor/Committeeperson contacted will immediately inform their Union or Company counterpart and together they will then interview the employee and advise the employee if the complaint can be resolved immediately or if the complaint should be reduced to writing on the Human Rights Complaint form or processed through another procedure. Properly completed copies of this form will be forwarded to the Human Resource Manager and the Plant Chairperson. The Plant Chairperson and the Human Resource Manager will then determine if the complaint requires a special investigative team comprised of both a Management and Union representative appointed by the Company and Union respectively. In the event of a complaint involving sexual harassment, the investigative team, if possible, will be comprised of at least one woman. A formal investigation of the complaint will then begin. It may include interviewing the alleged harasser, witnesses and other persons named in the complaint. Any related documents may also be reviewed.

  • Grievance Investigation The Employer agrees to supply to the Union the names of all applicants for a vacancy, or new position in the course of a grievance investigation.

  • Complaints Investigation ‌ An employee who complains of harassment under the provisions of the Human Rights Code of British Columbia may refer the complaint to either one or other of the following processes:

  • Background Investigation The Board is prohibited from knowingly employing a person who has been convicted of committing or attempting to commit certain criminal offenses. If at any time a criminal background investigation report reveals that there has been a prohibited conviction relative to the Superintendent, this Agreement shall immediately become null and void.

  • Grievance Investigations Where an employee has asked or is obliged to be represented by the Institute in relation to the presentation of a grievance and an employee acting on behalf of the Institute wishes to discuss the grievance with that employee, the employee and the representative of the employee will, where operational requirements permit, be given reasonable leave with pay for this purpose when the discussion takes place in the headquarters area of such employee and leave without pay when it takes place outside the headquarters area of such employee.

  • Effect of Investigation The representations, warranties and covenants of the Indemnifying Party, and the Indemnified Party’s right to indemnification with respect thereto, shall not be affected or deemed waived by reason of any investigation made by or on behalf of the Indemnified Party (including by any of its Representatives) or by reason of the fact that the Indemnified Party or any of its Representatives knew or should have known that any such representation or warranty is, was or might be inaccurate or by reason of the Indemnified Party’s waiver of any condition set forth in Section 7.02 or Section 7.03, as the case may be.

  • Formal Investigation Once the matter has been brought to the attention of the Store executive, an internal investigation of the complaint will be conducted at which time the complainant will be requested to present, in writing, the particulars of the harassment. Such internal investigation will be initiated no later than ten (10) business days of the matter being brought to the attention of the Store executive, and shall be concluded no later than thirty (30) business days of the initiation of the investigation. Any extension of the aforementioned time frames must have the agreement of the complainant and the union if the complainant has chosen to involve it. Based on the outcome of the investigation, which will be provided in writing upon the completion of the investigation, to both the complainant and the union, should the complainant consent to this disclosure, it will be determined if there has been a breach of Company policy on harassment, and the appropriate action will be taken in the event that harassment is determined to have occurred. STEP THREE - SUBSEQUENT INCIDENTS Subsequent incidents should immediately be reported and followed by a written description to the most senior store executive involved in Step Two for further investigation and disciplinary action, if confirmed, with a copy to the union Chairperson with the consent of the complainant. After all steps of the Harassment Protection Policy have been exhausted, if the incident has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the employee, the employee may file a grievance at Step 2 of the grievance procedure.

  • Due Diligence Investigation Pubco shall be reasonably satisfied with the results of its due diligence investigation of the Company in its sole and absolute discretion.