Association Release Time Sample Clauses

Association Release Time. Subd. 1. The Employer and the Association agree that the release of an ASF Member from normal job duties to perform other service shall be governed as follows:
Association Release Time. By mutual agreement between the Appointing Authority and the SRSEA Executive Board, a member may receive Association release time to complete Association business. The Association will reimburse the Appointing Authority for the release time at the teacher’s hourly rate of pay.
Association Release Time. Subd. 1. The Employer and the Association agree that the conduct of Association business shall be governed as follows:
Association Release Time. A. The Association President or designee shall be entitled to fifty (50) days leave for use during the school year to engage in Association activities directly related to the Association's duties as the exclusive representative of the teachers without loss of compensation. The Association will pay the current cost of the substitute.
Association Release Time. The Association representatives shall have a total of eight (8) teacher days of released time per year without loss of compensation and at no cost to the District during the duration of this contract to utilize for local, state or national conferences or for conducting other business pertinent to Association affairs. The Association shall reimburse the District for the cost of a substitute when needed. These representatives shall be excused from school duties upon advance notification to their immediate supervisor. Such time shall be taken in full or half day increments.
Association Release Time. The Association and the Board recognize that the Association President or designee may be required to meet or conduct business with the Board, Superintendent, or other Administrators during the school day. In order to allow time for said meetings and other related business, the Association President or designee will be granted release time by the Superintendent.
Association Release Time. A. The City shall make reasonable provisions for authorizing use of vacation leave, holiday time, or compensatory time for employees to attend or conduct Association functions. Such release from duty is subject to scheduling requirements in the interest of efficient operation of the department but shall not be arbitrarily refused by the City.
Association Release Time. The Association Leadership and/or designee shall have up to a total of twenty-five (25) days per year of leave, at no loss of pay or benefits, to conduct pertinent Association business at the discretion of the Association. In addition, the Association shall receive a total of 20% FTE release time to be assigned on an annual basis at the discretion of the Association.
Association Release Time. 10.1 The parties agree that one (1) on-duty employee acting as an employee representative for an employee in the Unit shall receive paid release time for the following activities:
Association Release Time. During the term of this Agreement, the exclusive representative will have available 480 hours of release time. This time shall include all time spent away from teaching duties on behalf of the exclusive representative as designated by the Northfield Education Association President including any negotiation or grievance activities. Association leave shall not be used for activities in support of any other exclusive representative of employees, nor to run for elective office of any kind.