Appointment of Guardian Sample Clauses

Appointment of Guardian. If Resident becomes legally incompetent or unable to properly care for his/her self or property, and in the event Resident has made no designation of a person or legal entity to serve as Resident’s guardian or conservator, Resident hereby grants authority to Willow Valley to apply to a Lancaster County, PA court for the appointment of conservator or guardian. All costs associated with this process are the responsibility of Resident.
Appointment of Guardian. ______________________________ is appointed as[ ] Full [ ] Limited Guardian of the Person (“Guardian of the Person”) and/or[ ] Full [ ] Limited Guardian of the Estate (“Guardian of the Estate”) of ______________________________, and the powers of the Guardian and the limitation and restrictions placed on the Incapacitated Person shall be as set forth in Conclusion of Law Paragraphs 3.2-3.4.
Appointment of Guardian a. Upon the death of either the father or the mother, the surviving parent of an unmarried child under the age of 18 may:

Related to Appointment of Guardian

  • Appointment of a Receiver To the extent permitted by applicable law, if an Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, and the Equipment Notes either shall have been accelerated pursuant to Section 4.02 or have become due at maturity, the Loan Trustee shall, as a matter of right, be entitled to the appointment of a receiver (who may be the Loan Trustee or any successor or nominee thereof) for all or any part of the Collateral, whether such receivership be incidental to a proposed sale of the Collateral or the taking of possession thereof or otherwise, and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company hereby consents to the appointment of such a receiver and will not oppose any such appointment. Any receiver appointed for all or any part of the Collateral shall be entitled to exercise all the rights and powers of the Loan Trustee with respect to the Collateral.

  • Appointment of Auditors 33.2.1 The Concessionaire shall appoint, and have during the subsistence of this Agreement as its Statutory Auditors, a firm chosen by it from the mutually agreed list of 10 (ten) reputable firms of chartered accountants (the “Panel of Chartered Accountants”), such list to be prepared substantially in accordance with the criteria set forth in Schedule-T. All fees and expenses of the Statutory Auditors shall be borne by the Concessionaire.

  • Appointment of Auditor Subject to Section 88 of the Act, at the annual general meeting or at a subsequent special general meeting in each year, an independent representative of the Members shall be appointed by them as Auditor of the accounts of the Company. Such Auditor may be a Member but no Director, Officer or employee of the Company shall, during his or her continuance in office, be eligible to act as an Auditor of the Company.