Answers Sample Clauses

Answers. The Conference Board shall provide an answer to those issues/questions brought before it within a mutually agreed upon time.
Answers. An answer from the County and/or Association shall be made within ten (10) days concerning the matters discussed at the special conference.
Answers. Which depicts the five possible answers to the question;
Answers. Except when a motion is filed during a hearing, any party may file an answer in support or opposition to a motion, accompanied by affidavits or other evidence relied upon. Such an- swers shall be served within 20 days after the motion is served or within such other time as the Assistant Ad- ministrator or administrative law judge may set.
Answers. 1. The GKAR Buy & Sell Agreement addresses the well, water and septic evaluations in two paragraphs. Paragraph 11 on the “fillable” side of the form provides the opportunity for the buyer to identify a specific company or inspector from whom the seller is to order the evaluation. If nothing is written in the blanks, the County Health Department is to be used. Paragraph 10 on the back of the form (page 2) outlines the sellers’ obligations, time deadlines, and buyer’s options based on the results. As with the typical home inspection, not all evaluators use the same protocol or have the same experience or expertise. The selection of the evaluator may end up being negotiated by the parties, with the buyer preferring a more rigorous protocol and the seller wanting to use the more lenient. While it is not usually a concern, the buyer might also want to verify the evaluator satisfies the requirements of their lender.
Answers. (a) there was a (b) and had a (c) Xxxxx loved gold (d) he saw golden (e) he could turn (f) not attract him (g) They were not Exercise 7 (Solved) Fill in the blanks choosing a suitable word for each blank from the box : is, sits, is see, enters rouses, pass, becomes. Remove an Englishman from his home and he (a) …….. a very different creature. Out of his home he (b) ……….. capable of sudden furies. He may (c) ………. for a quite neighbourly fellow but he (d) with uneasy feelings in a railway train. A
Answers. 1. The penguins make a nest on the beach.
Answers. Use the appropriate form of the verb given in brackets.
Answers. 5. Because there is only one possible answer. 6. 25 7. 1 1 8. 28 9. 25 48 10. 72 11. 128 12. 13 48 13. 14.
Answers. 1. Yes, the City has complete mapping of the streetlight infrastructure. The data is in GIS format and will be made available to the selected company. An overall map of the city-owned lights is attached to this addendum.