Analyses Sample Clauses

Analyses. A/ – AS soon as possible after each shipment, the Buyer and the Seller shall exchange, at a date to be agreed upon, the results of analyses made in their respective laboratories on the samples drawn during the loading operations displaying both moisture content of the product as delivered and dry basis BPL concentration. In case the difference between the dry basis BPL contents shown by the two analyses is below or equal to one BPL unit per cent, the average of moisture contents of the product as delivered and the average of dry basis BPL contents shall be taken into consideration as concerns the corresponding cargo for the drafting of the debit or credit note provided for in Article 7 below.
Analyses. SAP, SAP SE, or their Affiliates may create analyses utilizing, in part, Customer Data and information derived from Customer’s use of the Cloud Service and Consulting Services as set forth below (“Analyses”). Analyses will anonymize and aggregate information and will be treated as Cloud Materials.Unless otherwise agreed, personal data contained in Customer Data is only used to provide the Cloud Service and Consulting Services. Analyses may be used for the following purposes:
Analyses. Author ManuscriptWe used a case-centered, risk-interval, approach to evaluate the association between immunization and each outcome. The risk-interval aspect of our approach, which compares the odds of an event occurring in the risk interval versus the comparison interval, allows us to include only vaccinated individuals, thus reducing biases that might be introduced by including unvaccinated persons (who might differ from vaccinated persons in unmeasured ways) [27]. The case-centered aspect of our approach is similar to a stratified Cox proportional hazards model, but is much less computationally burdensome [23]. Like a Cox model, the case-centered approach can rigorously adjust for calendar time and reduce biases relating to temporal trends or seasonality. This approach has been described in detail [23] and been used in prior vaccine effectiveness and safety studies [24–27]. For each combination of vaccine (LAIV or IIV) and outcome (e.g., IP and ED asthma exacerbations), a logistic regression model was fit to a dataset consisting of one record for each outcomeAuthor ManuscriptRay et al. Page 5 event that occurred in either the risk or comparison interval. The dependent variable indicated whether or not the outcome occurred during the risk interval. The independent variable was based on the proportion of vaccinees that were in the risk interval on the calendar day of the case’s outcome event, among all vaccinees in the case’s age-sex stratum that were in either the risk or comparison interval on that date (age strata were defined in one-year increments). The logit of this proportion was included as an offset in an intercept- only logistic regression model so that the fitted models yielded estimates of the ratio of the odds of an event being inside the risk interval versus the odds of an event being inside the comparison interval. In the absence of residual confounding, we interpret this difference in odds as attributable to the vaccine. In primary analyses of asthma exacerbation, the risk and comparison intervals were 1–14 days, and 29–42 days, after immunization, respectively.Author ManuscriptWe then examined whether the difference in the odds of an event being in the risk versus comparison interval differed between children vaccinated with LAIV versus IIV – i.e., we examined the “difference-in-differences”. We added to the model an independent variable indicating whether the child received LAIV or IIV. The exponentiated parameter estimate of this binary...
Analyses. OrangeApps or their Affiliates may use anonymous information relating to use of the School Management System and Consulting Services to prepare analyses. Analyses do not contain personal data nor Customer Confidential Information. Examples of analyses include: optimizing systems and technical resources and support, research and development of Cloud and Management System, verification of security and data integrity, internal demand planning, with other Schools/Universities. OrangeApps may provide non- anonymous benchmarking services with the School’s prior written consent.
Analyses. The Contractor shall perform any analyses deemed necessary to demonstrate compliance with Contract requirements or to substantiate the integrity of the spacecraft delivered under this Contract. All analyses shall be consistent with requirements of other applicable Contract exhibits. The Contractor may use, where relevant, results of valid and applicable analyses already performed for similar spacecraft or equipment and properly updated for this Contract. The Contractor's existing valid, and applicable computer/mathematical models and analytical/design tools used for similar spacecraft or equipment may also be used to perform the analyses defined herein.
Analyses. The Cliffs Pellets delivered hereunder will be sampled and analyzed by mine technicians or such independent chemists as may be mutually agreed upon, and said analyses shall be final and the weighted average of all such analyses of each grade of Cliffs Pellets delivered hereunder shall constitute the basis of settlement hereunder for such grade of Cliffs Pellets. The cost of sampling and analyzing by independent chemists, if requested by any party, shall be borne by the party requesting such sampling and analyzing.