An alternate Sample Clauses

An alternate. Committee Member shall ipso facto cease to be an alternate Committee Member if his appointor ceases for any reason to be a Committee Member.

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  • Alternate Rate of Interest If prior to the commencement of any Interest Period for a Eurodollar Borrowing:

  • Negotiation of alternative rate of interest If the Agent’s notice under Clause 5.6 is served after an Advance is made, the Borrower, the Agent and the Lenders or (as the case may be) the Affected Lender shall use reasonable endeavours to agree, within the 30 days after the date on which the Agent serves its notice under Clause 5.6 (the “Negotiation Period”), an alternative interest rate or (as the case may be) an alternative basis for the Lenders or (as the case may be) the Affected Lender to fund or continue to fund their or its Contribution to the relevant Advance or Advances during the Interest Period concerned.

  • Alternate Work Schedule By mutual agreement, the City and the Association may enter into cost equivalent alternate work schedules for some or all represented employees. Such alternate work schedules may include, but are not limited to, core hours flex-time; full-time work weeks of less than five (5) days; or a combination of features mutually agreeable to the parties. Such changes in the work schedule shall not alter the basis for, nor entitlement to, receiving the same rights and privileges as those provided to employees on five (5) day, forty (40) hour a week schedules.

  • Alternates Unless otherwise stipulated, all alternate bids are deductive. It is in the best interest of the public, and the intent of the Owner is, that the entire Project be constructed within the funds allocated in the Project budget. The acceptance of any deductive alternate will be utilized as a last resort to accomplish the Project without requiring a redesign and rebidding of the Project. Any alternate, or alternates, if taken, will be taken in numerical sequence to the extent necessary.

  • Alternate Work Schedules Workweeks and work shifts of different numbers of hours may be established for overtime-eligible employees by the Employer in order to meet business and customer service needs, as long as the alternate work schedules meet federal and state law. When there is a holiday, employees may be required to switch from their alternate work schedules to regular work schedules.

  • Alternate Directors 95. Each Director may by written notification to the Company nominate any other person to act as alternate Director in his place and, at his discretion, in similar manner remove such alternate Director. A Director may appoint two or more persons in the alternative to act as Alternate Director and in the event of any dispute as to who is to represent the Director as his Alternate the first named of such alternative persons shall be the only person recognised as the Alternate Director and shall in any case, if in Hong Kong, be the only person entitled to receive notice of Directors’ meetings in the absence from Hong Kong of his appointer. The alternate Director shall (except as regards the power to appoint an alternate) be subject in all respects to the terms and conditions existing with reference to the other Directors of the Company; and each alternate Director, whilst acting as such, shall exercise and discharge all the functions, powers and duties of the Director he represents, but shall look to such Director solely for his remuneration as alternate Director. Every person acting as an alternate Director shall have one vote for each Director for whom he acts as alternate (in addition to his own vote if he is also a Director). The signature of an alternate Director to any resolution in writing of the Board or a committee of the Board shall, unless the notice of his appointment provides to the contrary, be as effective as the signature of his appointor. Any person appointed as an alternate Director shall vacate his office as such alternate Director as and when the Director by whom he has been appointed removes him or vacates office as Director. A Director shall not be liable for the acts or defaults of any alternate Director appointed by him.

  • Alternate Option If the dates designated by Developer are acceptable to Connecting Transmission Owner, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall so notify Developer and NYISO within thirty (30) Calendar Days, and shall assume responsibility for the design, procurement and construction of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities by the designated dates. If Connecting Transmission Owner subsequently fails to complete Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities by the In-Service Date, to the extent necessary to provide back feed power; or fails to complete System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades by the Initial Synchronization Date to the extent necessary to allow for Trial Operation at full power output, unless other arrangements are made by the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner for such Trial Operation; or fails to complete the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades by the Commercial Operation Date, as such dates are reflected in Appendix B hereto; Connecting Transmission Owner shall pay Developer liquidated damages in accordance with Article 5.3, Liquidated Damages, provided, however, the dates designated by Developer shall be extended day for day for each day that NYISO refuses to grant clearances to install equipment.

  • Alternate Base Rate Loans During such periods as Revolving Loans shall be comprised of Alternate Base Rate Loans, each such Alternate Base Rate Loan shall bear interest at a per annum rate equal to the sum of the Alternate Base Rate plus the Applicable Percentage; and

  • Limit on Rate of Interest (a) No Payment shall exceed Lawful Rate. Notwithstanding any other term of this Agreement, the Borrower shall not be obliged to pay any interest or other amounts under or in connection with this Agreement in excess of the amount or rate permitted under or consistent with any applicable law, rule or regulation.

  • Normal rate of interest Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the rate of interest on the Loan in respect of an Interest Period shall be the aggregate of the Margin and LIBOR for that Interest Period.