Alternates Sample Clauses

Alternates. Unless otherwise stipulated, all alternate bids are deductive. It is in the best interest of the public, and the intent of the Owner is, that the entire Project be constructed within the funds allocated in the Project budget. The acceptance of any deductive alternate will be utilized as a last resort to accomplish the Project without requiring a redesign and rebidding of the Project. Any alternate, or alternates, if taken, will be taken in numerical sequence to the extent necessary.
Alternates. A bid must be submitted for all alternates. Failure to so may render the bid nonresponsive and be sufficient cause for rejection of a bid.
Alternates. Subject to applicable Law, each Director shall be entitled to appoint an alternate to serve at any Board meeting, and such alternate shall be permitted to attend all Board meetings and vote on behalf of the director for whom she or he is serving as an alternate.
Alternates. The ISO or a Participant or group of Participants may ---------- designate, by a written notice delivered to the Secretary of the Regional Transmission Operations Committee, an alternate for any member of the Regional Transmission Operations Committee appointed by the ISO or such Participant or group of Participants. In the absence of the member, the alternate shall have all of the powers of the member, including the power to vote.
Alternates. § 4.2.1 Alternates, if any, included in the Contract Sum: Item Price
Alternates. We further propose that, should any of the following alternates be accepted and be incorporated in the Contract, the Bid will be altered in each case as follows:
Alternates. 5.1 Each Bidder shall acknowledge alternates (if any) in Section C on the Bid Form.
Alternates. Those portions of the Bid setting forth the price(s) for optional or alternative items of Work not covered by the Base Bid.
Alternates. A) An alternate is an employee who is temporarily assigned to perform duties outside the employee's regular classification. An alternate may be temporarily assigned under the following circumstances:
Alternates. 4.2.1 Alternates, if any, included in the Contract Sum: Item Price