Allocated Retention Pool Sample Clauses

Allocated Retention Pool. (Excess Risks) -- Effective October 1, 2008 Between HLIC and Canada Life
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Allocated Retention Pool. Effective 10/1/2008 Between HLIC and Swiss Re If the Reinsurer discovers that the Ceding Company's claim practices and procedures in effect at the time of the submission of a claim differ materially and adversely from those in effect at the Effective Date of this Agreement and from industry standards at the time of the claim, then, in addition to any other remedies available to the Reinsurer under this Agreement, the Reinsurer may, by written amendment to this Agreement as described in Section I.B, seek to adjust the threshold amount specified above in Paragraph a.

Related to Allocated Retention Pool

  • FORFEITURE ALLOCATION Subject to any restoration allocation required under Sections 5.04 or 9.14, the Advisory Committee will allocate a Participant forfeiture in accordance with Section 3.04: (Choose (a) or (b); (c) and (d) are optional in addition to (a) or (b))

  • Contribution Allocation The Advisory Committee will allocate deferral contributions, matching contributions, qualified nonelective contributions and nonelective contributions in accordance with Section 14.06 and the elections under this Adoption Agreement Section 3.04.

  • Capital Accounts Allocations There shall be established in respect of each Holder a separate capital account in the books and records of the Up-MACRO Holding Trust in respect of the Holder's Capital Contributions to the Up-MACRO Holding Trust (each, a "Capital Account"), to which the following provisions shall apply:

  • Cost Allocation For services rendered by MAEM to Project Companies under this Agreement and/or any Direct Contract, each Project Company shall pay MAEM, on a monthly basis, its share of allocated costs including, but not limited to, personnel costs (the “Service Fee”). For purposes of determining Project Company’s share of allocated costs, MAEM shall apply an industry standard methodology which is applied uniformly across the Asset Companies. Each of MAEM and Project Company acknowledges that the monthly allocations may be adjusted from time to time.

  • Risk Allocation Each Party agrees that the Fees charged under this Agreement reflect the allocation of risk between the Parties, including the disclaimer of warranties in Section 3.5(a) and the limitations on liability in Section 7.1. Modifying the allocation of risk from what is stated here would affect the Fees that each Party charges, and in consideration of those Fees, each Party agrees to the stated allocation of risk.

  • Forfeiture Allocations Upon a forfeiture of any Unvested LTIP Units or Unvested Performance Units by any Partner, gross items of income, gain, loss or deduction shall be allocated to such Partner if and to the extent required by final Regulations promulgated after the Effective Date to ensure that allocations made with respect to all unvested Partnership Interests are recognized under Code Section 704(b).

  • Tax Allocation Prior to the Closing, Seller and Purchaser shall cooperate in good faith to determine a reasonable allocation of the total consideration paid for the Transferred Assets, as finally determined pursuant to Section 2.1(d), Section 2.1(i) and Section 3.3, in accordance with Section 1060 of the Code and the Treasury Regulations promulgated thereunder (the “Purchase Price Allocation”). Seller and Purchaser shall cooperate in good faith to mutually agree to such allocation and shall reduce such agreement to writing, which agreement shall be reflected in an Exhibit 2.1(j) to be approved by Seller and Purchaser prior to Closing. Seller and Purchaser shall jointly and properly execute each party’s respective completed Internal Revenue Service Form 8594, and any other forms or statements required by the Code (or state or local Tax law), Treasury Regulations or the Internal Revenue Service or other Governmental Authority (together with any and all attachments required to be filed therewith), which forms and statements will be prepared in a manner consistent with the Purchase Price Allocation. Seller and Purchaser shall file timely such forms and statements with the Internal Revenue Service or other Governmental Authority. The Purchase Price Allocation shall be appropriately adjusted to take into account any subsequent payments under this Agreement and any other subsequent events required to be taken into account under Section 1060 of the Code. Seller and Purchaser shall not file any Tax Return or other documents or otherwise take any position with respect to Taxes that is inconsistent with the Purchase Price Allocation; provided, however, that neither Seller nor Purchaser shall be obligated to litigate any challenge to such allocation by any Governmental Authority. Seller and Purchaser shall promptly inform one another of any challenge by any Governmental Authority to any allocation made pursuant to this Section 2.1(j) and agree to consult with and keep one another informed with respect to the state of, and any discussion, proposal or submission with respect to, such challenge.

  • Capital Accounts and Allocations (a) CAPITAL ACCOUNTS. A separate capital account (a "Capital Account") shall be established and maintained for each Member, which shall initially be equal to the Capital Contribution of such Member as set forth on Schedule A hereto. Such Capital Accounts shall be maintained in accordance with Section 1.704-1(b)(2)(iv) of the Treasury Regulations, and this Section 5.2 shall be interpreted and applied in a manner consistent with said Section of the Treasury Regulations. The Capital Accounts shall be maintained for the sole purpose of allocating items of income, gain, loss and deduction among the Members and shall have no effect on the amount of any distributions to any Members in liquidation or otherwise. The amount of all distributions to Members shall be determined pursuant to Sections 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5.

  • Curative Allocation (A) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section 6.1, other than the Required Allocations, the Required Allocations shall be taken into account in making the Agreed Allocations so that, to the extent possible, the net amount of items of gross income, gain, loss and deduction allocated to each Partner pursuant to the Required Allocations and the Agreed Allocations, together, shall be equal to the net amount of such items that would have been allocated to each such Partner under the Agreed Allocations had the Required Allocations and the related Curative Allocation not otherwise been provided in this Section 6.1. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, Required Allocations relating to (1) Nonrecourse Deductions shall not be taken into account except to the extent that there has been a decrease in Partnership Minimum Gain and (2) Partner Nonrecourse Deductions shall not be taken into account except to the extent that there has been a decrease in Partner Nonrecourse Debt Minimum Gain. In exercising its discretion under this Section 6.1(d)(xi)(A), the General Partner may take into account future Required Allocations that, although not yet made, are likely to offset other Required Allocations previously made. Allocations pursuant to this Section 6.1(d)(xi)(A) shall only be made with respect to Required Allocations to the extent the General Partner determines that such allocations will otherwise be inconsistent with the economic agreement among the Partners. Further, allocations pursuant to this Section 6.1(d)(xi)(A) shall be deferred with respect to allocations pursuant to clauses (1) and (2) hereof to the extent the General Partner determines that such allocations are likely to be offset by subsequent Required Allocations.

  • Alternative Asset Allocation Fund The Adviser voluntarily agrees to waive its advisory fee for the Fund so that the aggregate advisory fee retained by the Adviser with respect to both the Fund and its underlying investments (after payment of subadvisory fees) does not exceed 0.60% of the Fund’s average annual net assets. The Adviser may terminate this voluntary waiver at any time upon notice to the Fund.

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