Allocable Sample Clauses

Allocable. Characteristic of a cost that can be assigned or charged to one or more activities or items (cost objects) on the basis of benefits received or other such equitable or logical association although a direct (casual) relationship may not be established.
Allocable. The portion of any Net Tax Benefit of Parent that is “Allocable” to any Beneficiary shall be determined by reference to the assets from which arise the depreciation, amortization or other similar deductions for recovery of cost or basis (“Depreciation”) and the Inherited Tax Attributes, and the Imputed Interest that produce the Realized Tax Benefit, under the following principles:
Allocable. A cost is considered to be allocable if related to the scope of services or outcomes provided in the Grant Proposal, where such services or outcomes have directly benefited the target population for the Grant, and services or outcomes have been successfully achieved.
Allocable costs must be incurred specifically for the attainment of the objective of the Project.
Allocable. A cost is allocable if it is assignable or chargeable to one or more costs objectives on the basis of relative benefits received or other equitable relationship. A cost is allocable if it is incurred specifically by the Operating Agent for the purpose of performing Operating Work under this Agreement. A cost may also be allocable if it benefits both the Agreement and other work, and can be distributed to them in reasonable proportion to the benefits received by them. A cost is also allocable if it is necessary to the overall operation of the Four Corners Switchyard as it relates to the Common Facilities or the Interconnection Facilities. EXHIBIT 7 COST RESPONSIBILITY RATIO (CRR) -------------------------------
Allocable. All costs associated with this project will be directly allocable to the project. Per §200.405, all expenditures incurred will be specifically for the construction of the proposed project and will be assignable to the Federal award. Invoicing will be sufficiently detailed by the City of Xxxxxx and monitored by Santa Xxxx County. Design and Permitting for this project has been completed by the City of Xxxxxx as well as Santa Xxxx County with no costs charged to the award.
Allocable. Allocation entails correlating costs with the program benefits obtained by incurring them. A cost is allocable to SNAP-Ed if the goods or services involved are chargeable or assignable to SNAP-Ed in accordance with relative benefits received. If a cost item benefits only SNAP-Ed, then 100 percent of it is allocable to SNAP-Ed.

Related to Allocable

  • Proportionate Amounts Each partial assignment shall be made as an assignment of a proportionate part of all the assigning Lender’s rights and obligations under this Agreement with respect to the Loan or the Commitment assigned.

  • Contribution Amounts The Company and the Electing Holders agree that it would not be just or equitable if contribution pursuant to Section 5(d) were determined by pro rata allocation (even if the Electing Holders were treated as one entity for such purpose) or by any other method of allocation that does not take account of the equitable considerations referred to in Section 5(d). The amount paid or payable by an indemnified party as a result of the losses, claims, damages and liabilities referred to in Section 5(d) shall be deemed to include, subject to the limitations set forth above, any legal or other expenses reasonably incurred by such indemnified party in connection with investigating or defending any such action or claim. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Section 5, no Electing Holder shall be required to contribute any amount in excess of the amount by which the total price at which Registrable Securities sold by such Electing Holder exceeds the amount of any damages that such Electing Holder has otherwise been required to pay by reason of such untrue or alleged untrue statement or omission or alleged omission. No person guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation (within the meaning of Section 11(f) of the Securities Act) shall be entitled to contribution from any person who was not guilty of such fraudulent misrepresentation.

  • Carryover Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section 6, no adjustment shall be made to the number of shares of Common Stock to be delivered to the Warrantholder (or to the Exercise Price) if such adjustment represents less than 1% of the number of shares to be so delivered, but any lesser adjustment shall be carried forward and shall be made at the time and together with the next subsequent adjustment which together with any adjustments so carried forward shall amount to 1% or more of the number of shares to be so delivered.

  • Allocation of Profits and Losses Distributions Profits/Losses. For financial accounting and tax purposes, the Company's net profits or net losses shall be determined on an annual basis and shall be allocated to the Members in proportion to each Member's relative capital interest in the Company as set forth in Schedule 2 as amended from time to time in accordance with U.S. Department of the Treasury Regulation 1.704-1.