All Necessary Filings Sample Clauses

All Necessary Filings. Seller hereby covenants that it has made and will make all necessary filings with the relevant government agencies which are required for the completion of the transactions contemplated in this Agreement.

Related to All Necessary Filings

  • Necessary Filings All filings, registrations, recordings and other actions necessary or appropriate to create, preserve and perfect the security interest granted by such Assignor to the Collateral Agent hereby in respect of the Collateral have been (or, within 15 days after the date hereof (or 90 days after the date hereof in the case of Deposit Accounts, as such date may be extended in accordance with Section 3.9 hereof), will be) accomplished and the security interest granted to the Collateral Agent pursuant to this Agreement in and to the Collateral creates a valid and, together with all such filings, registrations, recordings and other actions, a perfected security interest therein prior to the rights of all other Persons therein and subject to no other Liens (other than Permitted Liens) and is entitled to all the rights, priorities and benefits afforded by the Uniform Commercial Code or other relevant law as enacted in any relevant jurisdiction to perfected security interests, in each case to the extent that the Collateral consists of the type of property in which a security interest may be perfected by possession or control (within the meaning of the UCC as in effect on the date hereof in the State of New York), by filing a financing statement under the Uniform Commercial Code as enacted in any relevant jurisdiction or by a filing of a Grant of Security Interest in the respective form attached hereto in the United States Patent and Trademark Office or in the United States Copyright Office.

  • All Necessary Permits, etc The Company and each subsidiary possess such valid and current certificates, authorizations or permits issued by the appropriate state, federal or foreign regulatory agencies or bodies necessary to conduct their respective businesses, and neither the Company nor any subsidiary has received any notice of proceedings relating to the revocation or modification of, or non-compliance with, any such certificate, authorization or permit which, singly or in the aggregate, if the subject of an unfavorable decision, ruling or finding, could result in a Material Adverse Change.

  • Know-How Necessary for the Business The Intellectual Property Rights are all those necessary for the operation of the Company’s businesses as it is currently conducted or contemplated to be conducted. The Company is the owner of all right, title, and interest in and to each of the Intellectual Property Rights, free and clear of all liens, security interests, charges, encumbrances, equities, and other adverse claims, and has the right to use all of the Intellectual Property Rights. To the Company’s knowledge, no employee of the Company has entered into any contract that restricts or limits in any way the scope or type of work in which the employee may be engaged or requires the employee to transfer, assign, or disclose information concerning his work to anyone other than of the Company.

  • Regulatory Filings Except as disclosed in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus, neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries has failed to file with the applicable regulatory authorities (including, without limitation, the FDA, or any foreign, federal, state, provincial or local governmental or regulatory authority performing functions similar to those performed by the FDA) any required filing, declaration, listing, registration, report or submission, except for such failures that, individually or in the aggregate, would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect; except as disclosed in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus, all such filings, declarations, listings, registrations, reports or submissions were in compliance with applicable laws when filed and no deficiencies have been asserted by any applicable regulatory authority with respect to any such filings, declarations, listings, registrations, reports or submissions, except for any deficiencies that, individually or in the aggregate, would not have a Material Adverse Effect. The Company has operated and currently is, in all material respects, in compliance with the United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, all applicable rules and regulations of the FDA and other federal, state, local and foreign governmental bodies exercising comparable authority. The Company has no knowledge of any studies, tests or trials not described in the Prospectus the results of which reasonably call into question in any material respect the results of the studies, tests and trials described in the Prospectus.

  • Books, Records and Regulatory Filings (a) The Sub-Adviser agrees to maintain and to preserve for the applicable periods any such records as are required to be maintained by the Sub-Adviser with respect to the Fund by the 1940 Act and rules adopted thereunder, and by any other applicable laws, rules and regulations. The Sub-Adviser further agrees that all records that it maintains for the Fund are the property of the Fund and it will promptly surrender any of such records upon request; provided, however, that the Sub-Adviser may retain copies of such records for the applicable periods they are required by law to be retained, and thereafter shall destroy such records.

  • Complete as necessary All line entries must be supported by copies of appropriate statements, vouchers, receipts, canceled checks, etc., to document the expense. Entries not properly documented will not be reimbursed to the Servicer.

  • Regulatory Filings; Reasonable Efforts If required under applicable -------------------------------------- law, as soon as may be reasonably practicable, Target and Acquiror each shall file with the United States Federal Trade Commission (the "FTC") and the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice ("DOJ") Notification and Report Forms relating to the transactions contemplated herein as required by the HSR Act, as well as comparable pre-merger notification forms required by the merger notification or control laws and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction, as agreed to by the parties. Target and Acquiror each shall promptly (a) supply the other with any information which may be required in order to effectuate such filings and (b) supply any additional information which reasonably may be required by the FTC, the DOJ or the competition or merger control authorities of any other jurisdiction and which the parties may reasonably deem appropriate.

  • Minimum Data Necessary Shared The Provider attests that the Student Data request by the Provider from the LEA in order for the LEA to access the Provider’s products and/or services is limited to the Student Data that is adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary in relation to the K-12 school purposes for which it is processed.

  • Necessary Approvals Each Party shall be responsible for obtaining and keeping in effect all approvals from, and rights granted by, governmental authorities, building and property owners, other carriers, and any other persons that may be required in connection with the performance of its obligations under this Agreement. Each Party shall reasonably cooperate with the other Party in obtaining and maintaining any required approvals and rights for which such Party is responsible.

  • Payroll Records Contractors and Subcontractors must keep original payrolls or transcripts subscribed and affirmed as true under the penalties of perjury as required by law. For public works contracts over $25,000 where the Contractor maintains no regular place of business in New York State, such records must be kept at the work site. For building services contracts, such records must be kept at the work site while work is being performed.