AIRLINE Sample Clauses

AIRLINE shall remain fully and primarily liable during the Term of this Agreement for the payment of all rents, fees, and charges due and payable to MAC for the Premises that are subject to a sublease agreement, and the AIRLINE shall remain fully responsible for the performance of all the other obligations hereunder, unless otherwise agreed to by MAC.
AIRLINE and its agents shall abide by the Airport’s security program and comply with applicable security procedures including, but not limited to, the wearing of security identification badges by AIRLINE’s and its agents’ personnel and clearly identifying each of AIRLINE’s vehicles by placing AIRLINE’s company or agent’s name on each vehicle, and fully comply with any vehicle identification or licensing system adopted by MAC.
AIRLINE when requesting an approval of an assignment, sublease, or Ground Handling agreement under this Article, shall include with its request a copy of the proposed agreement, if prepared, or a detailed summary of the material terms and conditions to be contained in such agreement. Any proposed agreement or detailed summary thereof shall provide the following information:
AIRLINE. [as set forth below in AIRLINE’s signature page hereto] If by email, to the email address of the employee designated by AIRLINE.
AIRLINE and MAC agree that MAC may impose a PFC throughout the Term of this Agreement.
AIRLINE by accepting this Agreement, agrees for itself and its successors and assigns that it will not make use of the Airport premises in any manner which might interfere with the landing and taking off of aircraft from the Airport or otherwise constitute a hazard. In the event the aforesaid covenant is breached, MAC reserves the right to enter upon the Airport premises and cause the abatement of such interference at the expense of AIRLINE.
AIRLINE. (i) acknowledges that CFM has the legal right to assert mechanic’s liens or other statutory or common law liens under applicable law (foreign or domestic) against Engines following performance of Services under this Service Agreement, and (ii) agrees to supply such information, including name and address of the owner of each Engine, as reasonably requested by CFM to facilitate filing of such liens in New York or any other jurisdiction where Services may be performed. With respect to Engines leased by AIRLINE to CFM, CFM understands that AIRLINE has been authorized and required by the owners to cause Services to be performed. CFM may, at its option, notify the owners of the existence of this Service Agreement and CFM’s lien rights arising from performance of Services.
AIRLINE. An organization providing a regular public service of air transportation on one or more routes.
AIRLINE. Coach airline fares. Whenever possible, airline tickets will be purchased at least 14 days in advance.