Aggregation of Sample Clauses

Aggregation of. 12 2.10 Entire Agreement; Amendment Waiver................................. 13 2.11 Remedies........................................................... 13 AMENDED AND RESTATED INVESTOR'S RIGHTS AGREEMENT THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED INVESTOR'S RIGHTS AGREEMENT is made the 18th day of March, 1998, by and between Netspeak Corporation, a Florida corporation (the "Company"), and Motorola, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Investor").
Aggregation of. ADVANCES Clause 2.1 (Revolving Credit Facility), Clause 2.2 (Letter of Credit Facility), Clause 2.3 (Swing-Line Facility) and Clause 2.4 (Short-Term Advances Facility) are subject to the restriction that at no time may the aggregate of the Dollar Amounts of all outstanding Advances and Letters of Credit under each of the Facilities referred to in such Clauses exceed the Total Commitments, (being, at the date hereof, $1,000,000,000).

Related to Aggregation of

  • Aggregation From and after the date of this Agreement, neither the Company, nor or any of its affiliates will, and the Company shall use its reasonable best efforts to ensure that no Person acting on their behalf will, directly or indirectly, make any offers or sales of any security or solicit any offers to buy any security, under circumstances that would cause this offering of the Securities by the Company to the Investor to be aggregated with other offerings by the Company in a manner that would require stockholder approval pursuant to the rules of the Principal Market on which any of the securities of the Company are listed or designated, unless stockholder approval is obtained before the closing of such subsequent transaction in accordance with the rules of such Principal Market.

  • Data Aggregation In the event that Business Associate works for more than one Covered Entity, Business Associate is permitted to use and disclose PHI for data aggregation purposes, however, only in order to analyze data for permitted health care operations, and only to the extent that such use is permitted under the HIPAA Rules.

  • AGGREGATION OF ORDERS Provided the investment objectives, policies and restrictions of the Fund as provided to the Sub-Advisor in accordance with this Agreement are adhered to, the Fund agrees that the Sub-Advisor may aggregate sales and purchase orders of securities held in the Fund with similar orders being made simultaneously for other accounts managed by the Sub-Advisor or with accounts of the affiliates of the Sub-Advisor, if in the Sub-Advisor’s reasonable judgment such aggregation shall result in an overall economic benefit to the Fund, taking into consideration the advantageous selling or purchase price, brokerage commission and other expenses. The Fund acknowledges that the determination of such economic benefit to the Fund by the Sub-Advisor represents the Sub-Advisor’s evaluation that the Fund may be benefited by relatively better purchase or sales prices, lower commission expenses and beneficial timing of transactions or a combination of these and other factors.

  • Aggregation of Stock All shares of Registrable Securities held or acquired by affiliated entities or persons shall be aggregated together for the purpose of determining the availability of any rights under this Agreement.

  • Distribution of UDP and TCP queries DNS probes will send UDP or TCP “DNS test” approximating the distribution of these queries.

  • Aggregation of Shares If after the date hereof, and subject to the provisions of Section 4.6 hereof, the number of outstanding shares of Common Stock is decreased by a consolidation, combination, reverse stock split or reclassification of shares of Common Stock or other similar event, then, on the effective date of such consolidation, combination, reverse stock split, reclassification or similar event, the number of shares of Common Stock issuable on exercise of each Warrant shall be decreased in proportion to such decrease in outstanding shares of Common Stock.

  • Distribution of Contract The Association shall be responsible for distribution of the contract to all bargaining unit members.

  • Aggregation of Trades Subadviser, to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, may, but shall be under no obligation to, aggregate the securities or other investments to be sold or purchased for the Fund as well as other clients of Subadviser in order to seek best execution. In such event, allocation of the securities or futures contracts so purchased or sold, as well as the expenses incurred in the transaction, will be made by Subadviser in the manner Subadviser considers to be the most equitable and consistent with its fiduciary obligations to the Fund and to such other clients.

  • Distribution Requirements Subject to the Alternative Election or Spouse Beneficiary provisions below,

  • Aggregation of Entity Accounts For purposes of determining the aggregate balance or value of accounts held by an Entity, a Reporting Financial Institution shall be required to take into account all accounts held by Entities that are maintained by the Reporting Financial Institution, or Related Entities, to the extent that the Reporting Financial Institution’s computerised systems link the accounts by reference to a data element such as client number or taxpayer identification number and allow account balances or values to be aggregated.