Administrative Errors Sample Clauses

Administrative Errors. Administrative errors made relative to an employee's salary or benefit plans will be adjusted in such a way as not to prejudice the rights of the employee. In any instance where recovery is required, the employer and Union will meet with the employee to develop a reasonable repayment schedule. Failure to agree will result in the employer implementing a reasonable repayment schedule.
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Administrative Errors. The MCO shall be liable for the actual amount of any costs in excess of $5,000 incurred by the DEPARTMENT as the result of any administrative error (e.g., submission of capitation, encounter or reinsurance data) of the MCO or its subcontractors. The DEPARTMENT may request a refund of, or recoup from subsequent capitation payments, the actual amount of such costs.
Administrative Errors. The Fee Reduction calculation for any Fee Obligation Period will be adjusted for the following conditions:
Administrative Errors a. The Employer shall not recoup money from the Union dues remittance payments.
Administrative Errors. Any administrative error which results in underpayment of a rural carrier (except remeasurement) will be retroactively corrected, unless the rural carrier knew or should reasonably have known of the error and failed to notify the Employer within two (2) weeks.
Administrative Errors. Administrative errors relative to an employee's salary or fringe benefits will be adjusted, but in such a way as to not prejudice the rights of the employee.
Administrative Errors. 2/2/11 The Employer’s obligation for the correction of administrative errors made by it will be limited to an appropriate adjustment in the affected employee’s pay within sixty (60) days following the discovery of the administrative error, but only if there is sufficient earnings to cover the adjustment after deductions for social security, federal taxes, state taxes, retirement, health insurance, income continuation insurance, life insurance and deferred compensation. The Employer will not be required to make adjustments in pay for errors made in reliance on any lists or certifications provided to it by the Union beyond a prospective correction of the error itself within a reasonable period after the error has been brought to the Employer’s attention. As soon as practicable, the Employer will provide notice to the Union and the affected employees of the administrative error and the adjustment.
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Administrative Errors. Definition. For purposes of this Article, an "Error" (or collectively "Errors") refers to the situation where a party through an unintentional error, oversight, omission, or misunderstanding fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement applicable to the administration of the Agreement. The following are not considered Errors for purposes of this Agreement:
Administrative Errors. CFA Institute endeavors at all times to properly administer, process, prepare, handle, and score all exams properly. However, if an administrative error occurs in the administration, processing, preparation, handling, or scoring of your exam, CFA Institute will, if possible, correct it. In cases where any part of the testing service is not delivered or completed, CFA Institute will permit you either to retest at no additional fee or to receive a partial or full refund of your testing fees.
Administrative Errors. Administrative errors in remittance will be corrected by reductions and corrections in subsequent remittance checks. If the employee organization is not scheduled to receive a remittance check after discovery of the error, the employee organization agrees to promptly refund the amount of erroneous remittance. The SPO and the employee members have a mutual responsibility to assure timely revocation of an employee’s allotment for AFSCME dues when the employee is promoted or assigned to a position not included in a bargaining unit represented by AFSCME. If the dues allotments continue for more than four (4) months and the employee fails to notify his/her SPO, the retroactive recovery of dues withheld from AFSCME shall not be made, nor shall a refund be made to the employee.
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