Activity Sample Clauses

Activity. The Activity is made up of the Grantee’s project and all eligible project activities as specified in these Grant Details. In undertaking the Activity, the Grantee must comply with the requirements of the grant opportunity guidelines (as in force at the time of application). The Grantee must notify the Commonwealth about events relating to the project and provide an opportunity for the Minister or their representative to attend. The Grantee must ensure that the grant from the MRFF is appropriately badged and acknowledged in any correspondence, public announcement and publicly available materials including: reporting of key findings; presentations; and publications relating to this activity. Project title <project title> Project scope and description <detailed project description> Project outcomes <project outcomes> Dissemination of Research Findings The Grantee will ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect patient privacy, Intellectual property and commercially confidential information for all Activities funded under this Project. The Grantee is encouraged to ensure that research activities are published and translated into clinical practice. Types of research dissemination may include, making lay summaries available for research participants, and presenting at specific forums. The Grantee is also encouraged to publish de-identified research data in an open access repository and in accordance with best practice. Duration of the Grant The Activity starts on <project start date> and ends on <project end date>, which is the Activity Completion Date. The Agreement ends on <agreement end date> which is the Agreement End Date. Activity Schedule In undertaking the Activity, the Grantee will meet the following milestones by the due dates. Milestone number Milestone name and description Due date <No> <milestone name> <milestone description> <dd/mm/yyyy> Payment of the Grant The total amount of the Grant is <grant amount> (plus GST if applicable). The Grant will be provided at up to <grant percentage> per cent of eligible expenditure as defined in the grant opportunity guidelines subject to availability of Program funds. The Grant will be paid in accordance with clause ST2.. The Grant will be paid according to the following schedule. Payments are subject to satisfactory progress on the project and compliance by the Grantee with its obligations under this Agreement. Payment event Payment amount (GST excl) Anticipated payment date <Payment trigger> <i...
Activity. The Destination Australia Program will:  enhance regional and rural Australian education institutions through promoting activities that contribute to growth and sustainability;  offer students from Australia and overseas the opportunity to undertake high quality education, training and research in, and to experience regional and rural Australia; and  ensure regions share in the benefits of our $35 billion international education sector. The intended outcomes of the funded Activity are:  international and domestic students receive Australian Government scholarships for studying in regional Australia; and  increased awareness of the benefits of living, studying and working in regional Australia. In carrying out this Activity and in adherence of the requirements outlined in the Destination Australia 2020 Grant Opportunity Guidelines (the guidelines), you must allocate, administer and promote scholarships for international and domestic students studying in regional Australia. Funding of $15,000 per scholarship, per year, and $1,500 in promotional and administration assistance per scholarship, per year, is awarded for you to run processes for allocating and awarding scholarships to eligible students. GST is out of scope for this Activity. You must award scholarships to students who meet and adhere to the following criteria for the duration of the scholarship:  are a new student to the tertiary education providermaintain ongoing residency in a regional area as defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Where a course includes study outside a regional area (for example, for a clinical placement), residency away from the regional area is permitted for no more than one study period (not exceeding 6 months) per qualification where the qualification is longer than 2 years, or 25% of the qualification length where the qualification is 2 years or shorter.  are enrolled at and study at a regional campus of a registered tertiary education provider as defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure from the Australian Bureau of Statistics  are studying full-time in a course that can be fully delivered at one of the tertiary education provider’s regional campuses  are studying one of the following qualification levels o Certificate IV, o Accredited Diploma, o Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree, o Bachelor Degree, o Bachelors Honours Degree, o Graduate Ce...
Activity. Holdings shall not engage in any business activity other than its ownership and voting of the Capital Stock of the Borrower and the performance of its obligations under the Credit Documents to which it is a party and the Transaction Documents to which it is a party.
Activity. Both the Participant and I understand that RIT will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide the Activity as scheduled, presented, and described in the materials provided during the registration process. However, since the Activity is dependent upon various factors, some of which are out of the control of RIT, I and the Participant agree that the Activity may be modified, canceled and/or consolidated with no or limited notice. In the event the Activity is canceled prior to its advertised start date, RIT will provide a full refund. Refunds other than those due to the cancellation of the Activity prior to its advertised start date shall be at the discretion of RIT.
Activity. The Activity to be undertaken by the Recipient is [insert description of what the Programme Funding must be used for, including any deliverables that are to be achieved] • [insert deliverables] The Activity Period commences on the Date of this Agreement and ends on the Activity Completion Date which is [insert date which reflects when the Activity must be completed. Note that this date may occur before the Project is completed].
Activity. B1. In carrying out the Activity you must:
Activity. Lessee understands and agrees that the United States Sailing Center exists for the promotion of competitive sailing and training;