Activity Sample Clauses

Activity. Company may collect and store information related to you and your use of the Site, including without limitation your browser type, IP address, unique device identifier, requested URL, referring URL, browser language, the pages you view (of our Site only), the date and time of your visit, and other information.
Activity. The Hiree shall not carry out any activity on the premises owned or operated by PadStore Self Storage or use a store hired from PadStore Self Storage other than for those activities associated with the usual definition of storage.
Activity. — Both the Participant and I understand that RIT will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide the Activity as scheduled, presented, and described in the materials provided during the registration process. However, since the Activity is dependent upon various factors, some of which are out of the control ofRIT, I and the Participant agree that the Activity may be modified, canceled and/or consolidated with no or limited notice. In the event the Activity is canceled prior to its advertised start date, RIT will provide a full refund. Refunds other than those due to the cancellation of the Activity prior to its advertised start date shall be at the discretion of RIT.
Activity. Date(s) _____________________ Projected revenue (if applicable) $________
Activity. Description of Activity
Activity. For purposes of this Agreement, a unit, organization, or installation, performing a function or mission for the USMC that is commanded by a Colonel or above, unless otherwise determined by the Employer in accordance with 5 USC 7106.
Activity. 1.5 Sialic acid content Protocol to be decided Comparable to reference 1.6 Oligosaccharide profiling 60837C Comparable to reference 1.7 Peptide mapping Protocol to be decided Comparable to reference Test No.
Activity. 2 SchemeName3 Number4 Total AidAmount5 AidIntensity6 Article XX7 XX8 XXX9 10 11 and the definitions within Article 2 GBER apply. 8.3 The Grant Recipient has reviewed the terms of the relevant Scheme and confirms to the Secretary of State that it shall comply with these for the full term of the Project and that it will ensure all staff [and Delivery Partners] employed in delivering the Project shall first read the relevant Scheme to ensure that they understand the administrative requirements. 8.4 The Grant Recipient confirms that it is not an undertaking in difficulty within the meaning of Article 2(18) of GBER. 8.5 The Grant Recipient confirms that it has fulfilled the relevant requirements to ensure that the Grant will have incentive effect as required by Article 6(2)-(4) GBER. 8.6 The Grant Recipient confirms that the total state aid received for the Project does not breach the cumulation requirements of Article 8 GBER. 8.7 If the relevant Scheme requires the Grant Recipient to be a small or medium sized enterprise within the meaning of Annex 1 GBER, the Grant Recipient will notify the Department if it ceases to fall within the definition at Annex 1GBER as soon as possible after the end of the accounting period during which it ceases to be a small or medium sized enterprise. 1 8.8 The Grant Recipient shall maintain detailed records with the information and supporting documentation necessary to establish that all conditions laid down in GBER are fulfilled until 2033. [NO AID AT TOP LEVEL; GBER/DE MINIMIS AID AT THE LEVEL OF THE END BENEFICIARIES 8.1 The Grant Recipient has undertaken its own assessment of the compliance of the Project, as structured, and warrants to the Secretary of State that it is State Aid Law compliant because it will not receive any advantage from the Grant as this will flow through to the Project beneficiaries. 8.2 In delivering the Project Activities the Grant Recipient confirms that it will not receive any economic advantage and that the Grant Recipient will operate the Project on a not for profit basis. At the end of delivering the Project, the Grant Recipient will be required to account for any residual advantage it has obtained through the Grant. 8.3 The Grant Recipient agrees that it shall collect appropriate information to demonstrate that it has no economic advantage (which shall be supplied to the Secretary of State upon request). To ensure the transparency, the Grant Recipient agrees to oversee that it shall: 8.3.1 ring-fe...
Activity. A PROGRAM activity which constitutes a specific portion of the PROGRAM, and as such is covered by its own budget account.
Activity. Activity requirements must: be consistent with Prudent Healthcare; be relevant to improving performance and outcomes; be measureable; be recorded, with information sources identifiable; provide clarity around demand and capacity; be able to be benchmarked between Health Boards – whenever comparable; be able to benchmarked with other Ambulance services – whenever comparable. For 2014/15 as a transitional year the Activity will be related to: services within the scope of the responsibility of the EASJC; existing performance measures; new indicators announced by the Health Minister for the key treatment areas of cardiac arrest, strokes and fractured Neck of Femur (NoF). The indicative types of activity forming the baseline for 2014/15 and to be considered for reporting in 2014/15 is as shown in Appendix Two, these will be finalised during Quarter 1 (April to June) 2014/15 and will replace Appendix Two within this Heads of Agreement.