Acquired Retailer Card Program Sample Clauses

Acquired Retailer Card Program. If Company acquires a business which has a card program (the “Acquired Card Program”), Company will have sole discretion to decide whether the Acquired Card Program will be rebranded to the Company brand.

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  • Program Location A. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the parties acknowledge and agree that the Work of this Agreement will be performed at the following Property address: Ktr Address1 Address2

  • Unbundled Voice Loops (UVLs) 2.2.1 BellSouth shall make available the following UVLs:

  • END USER AGREEMENTS (“EUA H-GAC acknowledges that the END USER may choose to enter into an End User Agreement (“EUA) with the Contractor through this Agreement, and that the term of the EUA may exceed the term of the current H-GAC Agreement. H-GAC’s acknowledgement is not an endorsement or approval of the End User Agreement’s terms and conditions. Contractor agrees not to offer, agree to or accept from the END USER, any terms or conditions that conflict with those in Contractor’s Agreement with H-GAC. Contractor affirms that termination of its Agreement with H-GAC for any reason shall not result in the termination of any underlying EUA, which shall in each instance, continue pursuant to the EUA’s stated terms and duration. Pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, termination of this Agreement will disallow the Contractor from entering into any new EUA with END USERS. Applicable H-GAC order processing charges will be due and payable to H-GAC

  • Additional Requirements from Authorized Users An Authorized User may have distinct requirements that must be met by all individuals employed by or working for the Authorized User. The Contractor’s Staff Members will be expected to comply with these requirements as a condition of the placement.

  • Operational Support Systems (OSS 2.13.1 BellSouth has developed and made available the following electronic interfaces by which <<customer_name>> may submit LSRs electronically. LENS Local Exchange Navigation System EDI Electronic Data Interchange TAG Telecommunications Access Gateway

  • Registration Data Directory Services Until ICANN requires a different protocol, Registry Operator will operate a WHOIS service available via port 43 in accordance with RFC 3912, and a web-­‐based Directory Service at <whois.nic.TLD> providing free public query-­‐based access to at least the following elements in the following format. ICANN reserves the right to specify alternative formats and protocols, and upon such specification, the Registry Operator will implement such alternative specification as soon as reasonably practicable. Registry Operator shall implement a new standard supporting access to domain name registration data (SAC 051) no later than one hundred thirty-­‐five (135) days after it is requested by ICANN if: 1) the IETF produces a standard (i.e., it is published, at least, as a Proposed Standard RFC as specified in RFC 2026); and 2) its implementation is commercially reasonable in the context of the overall operation of the registry.

  • End User Support You are responsible for providing customer service (if any) to End Users. We do not provide any support or services to End Users unless we have a separate agreement with you or an End User obligating us to provide support or services.

  • Operational Support Systems <<customer_name>> shall pay charges for Operational Support Systems (OSS) as set forth in this Agreement in Attachment 1 and/or in Attachments 2, 3 and 5, as applicable.

  • Support Services HP’s support services will be described in the applicable Supporting Material, which will cover the description of HP’s offering, eligibility requirements, service limitations and Customer responsibilities, as well as the Customer systems supported.

  • Foreign Account Due Diligence (A) To assist the Fund in complying with requirements regarding a due diligence program for “foreign financial institution” accounts in accordance with applicable regulations promulgated by U.S. Department of Treasury under Section 312 of the USA PATRIOT Act (“FFI Regulations”), BNYM will do the following: