Accompanied by Family Sample Clauses

Accompanied by Family. Maximum Posting - Two (2) years with a minimum of three (3) years following completion of such an assignment before re-assignment to a post in the same category.

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  • ASSIGNMENT FORM If you the Holder want to assign this Security, fill in the form below: I or we assign and transfer this Security to (Insert assignee’s social security or tax ID number) (Print or type assignee’s name, address, and zip code) and irrevocably appoint agent to transfer this Security on the books of the Company. The agent may substitute another to act for him. Date: Your signature: (Sign exactly as your name appears on the other side of this Security) Signature Guarantee: Signatures must be guaranteed by an “eligible guarantor institution” meeting the requirements of the Security Registrar, which requirements include membership or participation in the Security Transfer Agent Medallion Program (“STAMP”) or such other “signature guarantee program” as may be determined by the Security Registrar in addition to, or in substitution for, STAMP, all in accordance with the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. EXHIBIT B [FORM OF NOTATION ON SECURITY OF GUARANTEE] GUARANTEE