A-11 Sample Clauses

A-11. Section 4.3 Distribution of Net Cash Flow and Allocation of Profit and Loss from Operations ....................................................................... A-12 Section 4.4 Liquidation or Dissolution ............................................ A-12 Section 4.5 General and Special Rules ............................................ A-12 Article V - Rights, Powers and Duties of the General Partner .......................................
A-11 extent to which the Grantee shall have the right to exercise the Stock Option following termination of the Grantee’s Employment. Such provisions shall be determined in the discretion of the Committee and included in the Grantee’s Incentive Agreement, and they need not be uniform among all Stock Options issued pursuant to the Plan.
A-11 cos s ϕ sin s ϕ− sin saϕ cos saϕWe choose to adopt this SO(2) formalism rather than the conventional real- and imaginary-component formal- ism from the literature, as we believe it more straight- forwardly demonstrates that this is a rotated coordinate system. We see, then, thatγ2′ γ2γ1′ = −R(2ϕ) γ1 . (12)In the same way, we can define the rotated components of the lensing flexions F = F1 + iF2 and G = G1 + iG2 asF2′ F2F1′ = −R(ϕ) F1 (13)G2′G2G1′ = +R(3ϕ) G1 . (14)where 1 and 2 refer to the components of each field and⟨ ⟩ ⟨ ⟩a1′ b′1 is shorthand for a1′ (ϑi)b′1(ϑj) . Therefore, in ad- dition to the well known cosmic shear correlation func- tions8γγ′′′′ξ± (θ) = ⟨γ1γ1⟩ ± ⟨γ2γ2⟩, (17)we posit the existence of six cosmic flexion correlation functions. Firstly, there are the autocorrelations of each flexion field± 1 1 2 2ξFF (θ) = ⟨F′ F′⟩ ± ⟨F′ F′⟩ (18)±ξGG (θ) = ⟨G1′ G1′ ⟩ ± ⟨G2′ G2′ ⟩. (19)Secondly, there is a cross-correlation between the two flexion fields (we will see that this is nonzero in Section II E below):±ξFG (θ) = ⟨F1′ G1′ ⟩ ± ⟨F2′ G2′ ⟩. (20)Of these six possible correlations, only ξ+FF (θ) was con- sidered in BGRT.In addition to the shear-shear and flexion-flexion cor- relations listed above, we further posit the existence ofshear-flexion cross-correlations, given by9
A-11. Class I shares of a Fund may be converted into Class A or Class R6 shares of the Fund at the election of the shareholder, provided that, for conversions to Class R6, following the conversion the shareholder meets applicable eligibility requirements for the other share class (as described in the Fund’s prospectus). Any such conversion will occur at the respective net asset values of the two share classes, without the imposition of any sales load, fee or other charge.

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  • Form of A-1 Committed Loan Notice A-2 Swing Line Loan Notice B Note C Compliance Certificate D-1 Assignment and Assumption D-2 Administrative Questionnaire E Opinions F Report of Letter of Credit Information CREDIT AGREEMENT This CREDIT AGREEMENT (as may by hereafter amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, the “Agreement”) is entered into as of August 24, 2011, among THE DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY, an Ohio corporation (the “Borrower”), each lender from time to time party hereto (collectively, the “Lenders” and individually, a “Lender”), FIFTH THIRD BANK, an Ohio banking corporation (“Fifth Third”), as Administrative Agent, Swing Line Lender and an L/C Issuer, BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., U.S. BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION and PNC BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, as Co-Syndication Agents and BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., as Documentation Agent. The Borrower has requested that the Lenders provide a revolving credit facility, and the Lenders are willing to do so on the terms and conditions set forth herein. In consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, the parties hereto covenant and agree as follows:

  • Form of Certificates Every holder of stock in the Corporation shall be entitled to have a certificate signed, in the name of the Corporation (i) by the Chairman of the Board or the President or a Vice President and (ii) by the Treasurer or an Assistant Treasurer, or the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary of the Corporation, certifying the number of shares owned by such holder in the Corporation.

  • Form of Notes The Notes and the Trustee’s certificate of authentication to be borne by such Notes shall be substantially in the respective forms set forth in Exhibit A, the terms and provisions of which shall constitute, and are hereby expressly incorporated in and made a part of this Indenture. To the extent applicable, the Company and the Trustee, by their execution and delivery of this Indenture, expressly agree to such terms and provisions and to be bound thereby. In the case of any conflict between this Indenture and a Note, the provisions of this Indenture shall control and govern to the extent of such conflict. Any Global Note may be endorsed with or have incorporated in the text thereof such legends or recitals or changes not inconsistent with the provisions of this Indenture as may be required by the Custodian or the Depositary, or as may be required to comply with any applicable law or any regulation thereunder or with the rules and regulations of any securities exchange or automated quotation system upon which the Notes may be listed or traded or designated for issuance or to conform with any usage with respect thereto, or to indicate any special limitations or restrictions to which any particular Notes are subject. Any of the Notes may have such letters, numbers or other marks of identification and such notations, legends or endorsements as the Officer executing the same may approve (execution thereof to be conclusive evidence of such approval) and as are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Indenture, or as may be required to comply with any law or with any rule or regulation made pursuant thereto or with any rule or regulation of any securities exchange or automated quotation system on which the Notes may be listed or designated for issuance, or to conform to usage or to indicate any special limitations or restrictions to which any particular Notes are subject. Each Global Note shall represent such principal amount of the outstanding Notes as shall be specified therein and shall provide that it shall represent the aggregate principal amount of outstanding Notes from time to time endorsed thereon and that the aggregate principal amount of outstanding Notes represented thereby may from time to time be increased or reduced to reflect redemptions, repurchases, cancellations, conversions, transfers or exchanges permitted hereby. Any endorsement of a Global Note to reflect the amount of any increase or decrease in the amount of outstanding Notes represented thereby shall be made by the Trustee or the Custodian, at the direction of the Trustee, in such manner and upon instructions given by the Holder of such Notes in accordance with this Indenture. Payment of principal (including the Redemption Price and the Fundamental Change Repurchase Price, if applicable) of, and accrued and unpaid interest on, a Global Note shall be made to the Holder of such Note on the date of payment, unless a record date or other means of determining Holders eligible to receive payment is provided for herein.

  • Authorized Signatories A certificate, signed by the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary of the Company and dated the date of this First Amendment, as to the incumbency of the person or persons authorized to execute and deliver this First Amendment and any instrument or agreement required hereunder on behalf of the Company.