The Rise of the Modern Knowledge Practitioner

The Rise of the Modern Knowledge Practitioner: A Mike Whelan Blog Series

In the space of eight short posts, we’ll uncover truths about expertise and consultation that will make you more competitive and more confident.

The Cheapening of Knowledge

Availability has made knowledge cheaper, complexity has made knowledge infinite, and demand has made knowledge transparent.

Your Latest Transaction

Before we get to the method of the True Counselor, let’s look to the past for why we interact with information the way we do.

The Legal Knowledge Business

We’ll dig into this question, recognizing that it is not merely academic. If you can’t justify high rates using exclusive access to knowledge, you’ll need to come up with an alternative explanation.

Knowledge Management

If you’re not familiar with the concept of knowledge management, it is a relative newcomer to the legal environment, at least formally.

Making Experts Out of Employees

We’ll explore the difference between traditional legal knowledge management and a more modernized way to leverage knowledge in your firm.

What Clients Want

“A problem is to reality what an atom is to a table. People experience tables not atoms.” - Dr. Russell Ackoff

The Advisor's Burden

As crucial as that habit is for knowledge-driven firms like yours, it ignores the other core competency that any expert must develop: the creation of new knowledge.

The Modern Knowledge Firm

As we close this exploration, I hope it starts you on a journey. You have an incredible opportunity to build a firm on knowledge assets rather than the churn of daily practice.

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