Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom

Founder, CEO

Michael Bloom has been curating spaces for students and professionals to make mistakes and learn from them since 2009. He founded Praktio (, a provider of interactive, online learning games and exercises for developing practical contracts skills. He has co-authored two books on contracts: Contracts and Commercial Transactions; and Contracts: A Transactional Approach.

Expertise: Contracts, Online Learning

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

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Microsoft's Partner Network Agreement

Microsoft’s Partner Network Agreement applies to any way one wants to work with Microsoft. Which is precisely the reason why the confidentiality section looks problematic. We take a deep dive into these intricacies with Michael Bloom, a law professor turned online educator who walks us through the broadly applicable principles in this agreement. He tears down parts of the confidentiality section suggesting ways to tightly knit these agreements using 3 principles: precision, pragmatics, and prudence.