Komal Shah

Komal Shah

Co-Founder LawSikho

Komal Shah has over a decade of experience working in and leading in-house legal and compliance teams in large and small multinationals. Now she takes responsibility for compliance of subsidiaries across 19 countries. She is currently building a vertical as an intrapreneur and can be reached on LinkedIn, her email (, or on Twitter (@KomalShah4).

Expertise: In-house legal and compliance teams

Location: Mumbai, India

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Drafting an Inclusive Founder's Agreement

How you draft a founder’s agreement can define the growth of a young company. Knowing what’s best for founders and the company before drafting this agreement becomes essential. Legal educator and international attorney Komal Shah deconstructs a generic founder’s agreement. Talking about the practical nuances, Komal says, these documents can either set healthy expectations or spark a conflict. This agreement is all about recognizing and incorporating the various elements in a startup that relate to the founder’s interaction.