Unified definition

Unified means Unified Western Grocers, Inc., a California corporation, and the direct and indirect owner of 100% of the outstanding capital stock of Seller.
Unified means Unified Western Grocers, Inc., a California corporation.
Unified means Unified Financial Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

Examples of Unified in a sentence

  • Suite 300 Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 Re: Unified Series Trust, File Nos.

  • The parties intend that the Current Unified Agreement be amended as set forth in this Amendment.

  • Pictoria Drive, Suite 450Cincinnati, Ohio 45246Re: Unified Series Trust, File Nos.

  • The governing law provision of the Amended Unified Agreement shall be the governing law provision of this Amendment.

  • Except as specifically modified by this Amendment, all terms and conditions of the Amended Unified Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

  • Each Portfolio that has been added to Exhibit A by virtue of this Amendment acknowledges and agrees that (i) by virtue of its execution of this Amendment, it becomes and is a party to the Amended Unified Agreement as of the Effective Date, or if BNYM commenced providing services to the Portfolio prior to the Effective Date, as of the date BNYM first provided services to the Portfolio, and (ii) it is bound by all terms and conditions of the Amended Unified Agreement as of such date.

  • The term "Portfolio" has the same meaning in this Amendment as it has in the Amended Unified Agreement.

  • I have reviewed this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q of Unified Grocers, Inc.

  • This Amendment constitutes the final, complete, exclusive and fully integrated record of the agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter herein and the amendment of the Amended Unified Agreement with respect to such subject matter, and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous proposals, agreements, contracts, representations and understandings, whether written, oral or electronic, between the parties with respect to the same subject matter.

  • Each new Portfolio shall be subject to the provisions of this Agreement, except to the extent that the provisions (including those relating to the compensation and expenses payable by the Fund and its Portfolios) may be modified with respect to each new Portfolio in writing by the Fund and Unified at the time of the addition of the new Portfolio.

More Definitions of Unified

Unified means Unified as hereinbefore defined and any Person that assumes and agrees to perform (or is required to assume and perform) this Agreement by operation of law, the provisions of this Section 7.2 or otherwise.
Unified shall include Unified's designee.
Unified has the meaning set forth in the preambles to this Loan Agreement.
Unified means the Company.

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