Towing Services definition

Towing Services means the act of removing a Disabled Vehicle from a public or private road area by attaching, lifting, pulling or dragging and storing such vehicles in a secure facility or location, and shall also include, but not be limited to, all labor, mileage, equipment, and cleanup required to effectuate the tow.
Towing Services means the towing of and the provision of assistance to a ship and/or the provision of any other services to a ship.
Towing Services means the towing or removing of wrecked or disabled vehicles from the place where they are disabled to another location. (1981 Code, § 5-801)

Examples of Towing Services in a sentence

The Towing Business shall not charge any additional fees for Clean Up, Mileage, Equipment Fees, Labor, or any other fee, for Towing Services initiated under this Chapter.

If a person is not present at the time the Towing Services are provided, the Contract Tower shall leave the tow rate sheet with the Disabled Vehicle.§118.16 Payment Additional charges shall not be imposed for the use of a debit or credit card.

Window Wrap fee: $50 totalThe maximum allowable rates apply to Towing Services requested by a law enforcement agency and provided within Fishers’ municipal boundaries regardless of the Disabled Vehicle’s location and/or physical condition.

FREE SERVICES PROVIDED TO THE CITY Towing Services for City-Owned Vehicles The tow service operator shall tow any CMPD and/or other City vehicles (under 6,000 lbs.), disabled within the City of Costa Mesa limits, at the request of City staff, free of charge.

Examples include but are not limited to: Auto Paint ShopsAuto Towing Services (without storage of wrecked vehicles) Auto Transmission Repair ShopsE.

More Definitions of Towing Services

Towing Services means an establishment that provides for the removal and temporary storage of vehicles, but does not include disposal, disassembly, salvage, or accessory storage of inoperable vehicles.] [Not used.]
Towing Services means the towing or removing of wrecked or disabled vehicles from the place where they are disabled to another location. (1981 Code, § 5-801, as replaced by Ord. #2013-23, Jan. 2014)
Towing Services means the use of specialized equipment, including repossession services using towing equipment, to transport:
Towing Services means a service to haul or tow vehicles for service, repair or temporary storage. Any facility except for wrecking yards, storing a vehicle for five or more days shall be considered a "vehicle storage facility."
Towing Services means the business of transporting, towing, or recovering with a wrecker, tow truck, rollback or car carrier any vehicle not owned by the operator of the wrecker, tow truck, rollback or car carrier for which the operator directly or indirectly receives compensation or other personal gain.
Towing Services means the provision by the Successful Proponent of all that is necessary to carry out and complete full Towing Services including, but not limited to, provision on a twenty-four (24) hour seven (7) days per week and three hundred and sixty-five (365) days per year basis of suitable equipment to tow vehicles, to locations as directed by the City and/or RCMP, together with all other associated services.
Towing Services means the towing, storage and impound of vehicles, as well as ancillary services such as jump-starts, lockouts, and tire changes.