Third Party Users definition

Third Party Users means persons or entities with whom the State contracts, other than the Parties, to use or provide services in connection with the PBMS.

Examples of Third Party Users in a sentence

  • KVH operates internationally and, when Subscriber or its Third Party Users use Services, the data, including any personal or sensitive data, will be transferred and stored in different parts of the world.

  • Subscriber and its Third Party Users may obtain information about the amount of money remaining on prepaid cards registered to them by initiating a phone call using the prepaid card.

  • Subscriber and its Third Party Users are solely responsible for safely securing physical or virtual prepaid cards and ensuring that they are not lost, stolen, or misused by others.

  • The fee to be paid each month by BPC and/or Third Party Users to the Port Authority for use of the facility as defined in the Terminal Service Agreement dated 12/22/98.

  • Subscriber and its Third Party Users understand that data communications transmitted over wireless systems and the Internet may not be private or secure and CAC and KVH makes no warranties regarding the privacy or security of such communications.

More Definitions of Third Party Users

Third Party Users means customers of Pioneer who have a right to access the System as provided in Section 6.01 below.
Third Party Users means authorized end users of the Software on the Licensed Server.
Third Party Users or “Participants” means individuals or organisations which the Customer permits to make use of the Hosted Services provided to the Customer by the Provider.
Third Party Users means those individuals or entities authorized by the County to perform services, access the Solution, review information, and make inquiries.
Third Party Users means customers purchasing LNG fuel at the Stations.
Third Party Users means, collectively, Customer's customers and, if the processing of trades for correspondent brokers is subsequently added to this Agreement, any correspondent brokers and the correspondent brokers' customers.