Definition of Term Loan Agents

  1. Term Loan Agents means the Term Loan Administrative Agent and the Term Loan Collateral Agent.

Examples of Term Loan Agents in a sentence

  1. Each Borrower has good title to its Equity Interests in its Restricted Subsidiaries, subject only to Administrative Agents and the Term Loan Agents Lien and any Liens securing holders of Permitted Junior Priority Secured/Unsecured Debt (or their representative), and all such Equity Interests are duly issued, fully paid and non-assessable (to the extent applicable).
  2. The Term Loan Agents Purchase Notice, once delivered, shall be irrevocable and shall not be subject to withdrawal or rescission.

Definition of Term Loan Agents in Amended and Restated Intercreditor Agreement

Term Loan Agents means, collectively, the Term Loan Administrative Agent, the Term Loan Collateral Agent, and the Term Loan Syndication Agent.