Definition of Tenant Alterations

Tenant Alterations shall mean any alterations, improvements, additions, installations or construction in or to the Premises or any Building systems serving the Premises (excluding Tenants Works); and any supplementary air conditioning systems installed by Landlord or by Tenant at Landlords request pursuant to Section 6.6.

Examples of Tenant Alterations in a sentence

Tenant shall notify Landlord immediately if Tenant receives any notice of violation of any Law in connection with completion of any Tenant Alterations and shall immediately take such steps as are necessary to remedy such violation.
Tenant waives all rights to any payment or compensation for such Tenant Alterations (including Telecommunication Facilities).
Upon completion of the Tenant Alterations, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord an as-built mylar and digitized (if available) set of plans and specifications for the Tenant Alterations.
DECORATION: Tenant Alterations which do not require a building permit and which do not affect the facade or roof of the Building, or involve any of the structural elements of the Building, or involve any of the Buildings systems, including its electrical, mechanical, plumbing, security, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, communication, and fire and life safety systems.
All Tenant Alterations shall be (1) completed in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by Landlord; (2) completed in accordance with all Governmental Requirements; (3) carried out promptly in a good and workmanlike manner; (4) of all new materials; and (5) free of defect in materials and workmanship.