Definition of TBNG

TBNG means Thrace Basin Natural Gas (Turkiye) Corporation, a British Virgin Islands company, and a subsidiary of the Parent.

Examples of TBNG in a sentence

Seller acknowledges and agrees that Buyer may assign its rights to acquire the TBNG Shares and/or the PTI Shares to a third party who is either (i) an affiliate of the Buyer or (ii) a newly formed entity for which the Buyer (or its affiliates) have engaged in significant formation and financing activities, the purpose of which entity is to acquire the TBNG Shares and/or the PTI Shares.
The books of account and other records of TBNG, all of which have been made available to Buyer, are complete and correct in all material respects, and have been maintained in accordance with sound business practices, including the maintenance of an adequate system of internal controls.
Seller has delivered to Buyer true and complete copies and results of any reports, studies, analyses, tests, or monitoring possessed or initiated by the Seller or either of the Companies pertaining to Hazardous Materials or Hazardous Activities in, on, or under the Facilities, or concerning compliance by TBNG with Environmental Laws.
If Buyer delivers the Exercise Notice on or before the Option Deadline Date, then Buyer shall be deemed to have agreed to purchase the TBNG Shares and the PTI Shares and Seller shall be deemed to have agreed to sell the TBNG Shares and the PTI Shares in accordance with the further terms and conditions hereof.
Any separate stock purchase agreement relating to the TBNG Shares or PTI Shares, upon execution, will supersede the obligations of Seller and Buyer under this Agreement as to such shares.