Target shooting definition

Target shooting means shooting at an inanimate object that usually has some type of physical reaction or scoring markings.
Target shooting means to practice or discharge an airgun, BB gun, bow, crossbow, firearm, or paintball gun at a bottle, can, stump, paper target, any other object, into the air, or into a body of water.

Examples of Target shooting in a sentence

  • Exceptions:(a) Target shooting at established ranges.(b) Hunting on licensed game farms and shooting preserves.(c) Hunting waterfowl during the open season.(3) BOWS AND ARROWS.

  • Target shooting in an intensely mental activity where participants develop the ability to concentrate and focus their attention on real performance factors.

  • An AE does not necessarily have to have a causal relationship with the research.

  • Target shooting is prohibited in all areas of a park, except in an area designated as a firing range.

  • Ammunitions: live and original factory-filled (not “refilled” by reloader for Target shooting practice).6.

  • Target shooting and sighting-in must be done at designated facilities.

  • Target shooting with bow and arrow is allowed in the mowed area immediately north of the parking lot.

  • ADVENTURE ACTIVITIESI understand that I / my child will be participating in all or some of the following Adventure Activities: High Ropes, Abseiling, Zip Line, Climbing wall, Kakaying, Archery, Target shooting, Confidence course, River Tra- verese.

  • Target shooting and discharge of firearms is prohibited on Avista lands in all posted safety zones and on lands from June 1 through August 31, annually.

  • Target shooting or the discharge of a weapon would continue to be strictly prohibited except for legal take of wildlife.

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