Successor Substituted definition

Successor Substituted and in each such instance, inserting in lieu thereof the phrase "[intentionally omitted]";
Successor Substituted appearing next to Section 802 with the heading "[intentionally omitted]"; (iii) replacing the heading "Limitation on Company Debt" appearing next to Section 1008 with the heading "[intentionally omitted]"; (iv) replacing the heading "Limitation on Certain Debt" appearing next to Section 1009 with the heading "[intentionally omitted]";

Examples of Successor Substituted in a sentence

  • Successor Substituted 50 ARTICLE IX SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURES Section 901.

  • Successor Substituted...................................................

  • Successor Substituted...................................................................

  • Successor Substituted............................................

  • Successor Substituted..................................................................

  • Successor Substituted.........................................................................

  • If the Permittee determines that the corrective action program, required by this permit, no longer satisfies the requirements of the regulations, an application for a permit modification must be submitted within ninety (90) days to make any appropriate changes to the program, which will satisfy the regulations.

  • Successor Substituted 47 ARTICLE 7 DEFAULT AND REMEDIES 48 Section 7.01.

  • Successor Substituted.....................................................................


Related to Successor Substituted

  • Successor Rate means a successor to or replacement of the Original Reference Rate which is formally recommended by any Relevant Nominating Body.

  • LIBOR Successor Rate has the meaning specified in Section 3.03(c).

  • Successor Index means any substitute index approved by the Calculation Agent as a Successor Index pursuant to Section 3 hereof.

  • Successor in Business means (a) an entity which acquires all or substantially all of the undertaking and/or assets of either Issuer or of a successor in business of either Issuer; or (b) any entity into which any of the previously referred to entity is amalgamated, merged or reconstructed and is itself not the continuing company;

  • Pre-Adjustment Successor Rate has the meaning specified in Section 3.03(c).

  • Successor Master Servicer The meaning ascribed to such term pursuant to Section 8.02.

  • Primary substitute gift means the substitute gift created with respect to the primary future interest.

  • Permitted Successor is defined in Section 5.02 of the Sale Agreement.

  • Successor Person has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.03(b)(i).

  • Successor Security of any particular Security means every Security issued after, and evidencing all or a portion of the same debt as that evidenced by, such particular Security; and, for the purposes of this definition, any Security authenticated and delivered under Section 3.7 in exchange for or in lieu of a mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen Security shall be deemed to evidence the same debt as the mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen Security.

  • Successor Notice means an irrevocable notice from the Calculation Agent to the Issuer that describes a succession (or, in relation to a Reference Entity that is a Sovereign, a Sovereign Succession Event) in respect of which a Succession Date has occurred and pursuant to which one or more Successors to the Reference Entity can be determined.

  • LIBOR Successor Rate Conforming Changes means, with respect to any proposed LIBOR Successor Rate, any conforming changes to the definition of Base Rate, Interest Period, timing and frequency of determining rates and making payments of interest and other administrative matters as may be appropriate, in the discretion of the Administrative Agent, to reflect the adoption of such LIBOR Successor Rate and to permit the administration thereof by the Administrative Agent in a manner substantially consistent with market practice (or, if the Administrative Agent determines that adoption of any portion of such market practice is not administratively feasible or that no market practice for the administration of such LIBOR Successor Rate exists, in such other manner of administration as the Administrative Agent determines in consultation with the Borrower).

  • Successor means an entity that has replaced a predecessor by acquiring the assets and carrying out the affairs of the predecessor under a new name (often through acquisition or merger). The term "successor" does not include new offices/divisions of the same company or a company that only changes its name. The extent of the responsibility of the successor for the liabilities of the predecessor may vary, depending on State law and specific circumstances.

  • Successor Holdings has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.03(a)(v).

  • Successor in Interest means any (i) shareholder of; (ii) trustee, custodian, receiver or other person acting in any Bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding with respect to; (iii) assignee for the benefit of the creditors of; (iv) officer, director or partner of; (v) trustee or receiver, or former officer, director or partner, or other fiduciary acting for or with respect to the dissolution, liquidation or termination of; or (vi) other executor, administrator, committee, legal representative or other successor or assign of, any Partner, whether by operation of law or otherwise.

  • Successor Reference Rate means the rate that the relevant Independent Adviser determines is a successor to or replacement of the Reference Rate which is formally recommended by any Relevant Nominating Body.

  • Eligible Substitute Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan substituted by the Seller for a Defective Mortgage Loan which must, on the date of such substitution: (i) have an outstanding Principal Balance after deducting all scheduled principal payments due in the month of substitution (or in the case of a substitution of more than one Mortgage Loan for a Defective Mortgage Loan, an aggregate Principal Balance), not in excess of and not less than 95% of the Principal Balance of the Defective Mortgage Loan; (ii) have a Loan Rate not less than the Loan Rate of the Defective Mortgage Loan and not more than 1% in excess of the Loan Rate of such Defective Mortgage Loan; (iii) if such Defective Mortgage Loan is an adjustable-rate Mortgage Loan, have a Loan Rate based on the same Loan Index with adjustments to such Loan Rate made on the same interval between Interest Rate Adjustment Dates as that of the Defective Mortgage Loan and have a Margin that is not less than the Margin of the Defective Mortgage Loan and not more than one hundred (100) basis points higher than the Margin for the Defective Mortgage Loan; (iv) have a Mortgage of the same or higher level of priority as the Mortgage relating to the Defective Mortgage Loan at the time such Mortgage was transferred to the Trust; (v) have a remaining term to maturity not more than six (6) months earlier and not later than the remaining term to maturity of the Defective Mortgage Loan; (vi) comply with each representation and warranty set forth in Section 2.04 (deemed to be made as of the date of substitution); (vii) have an original Combined Loan-to-Value Ratio not greater than that of the Defective Mortgage Loan; (viii) if such Defective Mortgage Loan is an adjustable-rate Mortgage Loan, have a Lifetime Rate Cap and a Periodic Rate Cap no lower than the Lifetime Rate Cap and Periodic Rate Cap, respectively, applicable to such Defective Mortgage Loan; (ix) have a credit risk not less than the credit risk of the Defective Mortgage Loan; and (x) be of the same type of Mortgaged Property as the Defective Mortgage Loan or a detached single family residence. More than one Eligible Substitute Mortgage Loan may be substituted for a Defective Mortgage Loan if such Eligible Substitute Mortgage Loans meet the foregoing attributes in the aggregate. ERISA: The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended.

  • Successor Trust means the Continental Airlines Pass Through Trust 2001-1A-1-S.

  • Substituted Loans means the Eligible Loans evidenced by a Note or Notes substituted by the Seller, pursuant to the terms of Section 6(B) hereof, from time to time as evidenced by an Additional Sale Agreement and related documentation, together with any guarantees and other rights relating thereto including, without limitation, Interest Subsidy Payments and Special Allowance Payments. For all purposes hereunder, except with respect to Purchase Price or as otherwise set forth herein, Substituted Loans shall be treated as Additional Loans.

  • Successor Corporation means a corporation, or a parent or subsidiary thereof within the meaning of Section 424(a) of the Code, which issues or assumes a stock option in a transaction to which Section 424(a) of the Code applies.

  • Successor Servicer means any entity appointed as a successor to the Servicer pursuant to Section 8.02.

  • Successor Guarantor has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 4.01 hereof.

  • Successor personal representative means a personal representative, other than a special administrator, who is appointed to succeed a previously appointed personal representative.

  • Successor Agency means SUDA and any person or corporate and body appointed by the ULB to perform services and carry out works under this Contract.

  • Successor Securities has the meaning set forth in Section 2.15(b).

  • Successor Issuer means an issuer existing as a result of a reorganization, other than, in the case where the reorganization involved a divestiture of a portion of a participant's business, an issuer that succeeded to or otherwise acquired the portion of the business divested;