Subclass definition

Subclass. With respect to the Class A-V Certificates, any Subclass thereof issued pursuant to Section 5.01(c). Any such Subclass will represent the Uncertificated Class A-V REMIC Regular Interest or Interests specified by the initial Holder of the Class A-V Certificates pursuant to Section 5.01(c).
Subclass with respect to any Class shall mean, if applicable, each portion of such Class that has a different Certificate Rate or method of calculating its Certificate Rate.
Subclass means, with respect to any Class of any Series of Notes, any one of the subclasses of Notes of such Class as specified in the applicable Series Supplement.

Examples of Subclass in a sentence

  • Subclass of Class VIII – Medical materials (excluding pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and reagents – suppliers should limit the mixing of excluded and non-excluded materials).

  • You should not rely on work to fund your studies.From April 2008, all student Subclass 570–576 visas include permission to work as part of the initial student visa grant.

  • A “Qualifying Pay Period” is any pay period from June 6, 2017 through February 24, 2020 in which the Wage Statement and PAGA Subclass Member worked for NCI at least one day in the calendar week.

  • For example, those paying Subclass A1 in 2010 will continue to pay Subclass A1 in 2011 (assuming their wages remain the same).OfficeholdersOffice holders will pay PRSI at a rate of 4% on all income, where their income is over €5,200 a year.

  • The “Pay Period Value” is determined by dividing the Wage Statement and PAGA Payout Fund by the total number of Qualifying Pay Periods for all Wage Statement and PAGA Subclass Members.

More Definitions of Subclass

Subclass. For a Class of Certificates, any group of such Class designated as a Subclass in Article XII.
Subclass means a subdivision of any Class described herein.
Subclass means, collectively, all of the Securities that collectively bear the same Class and Series designation.
Subclass means the lawsuit, Katie A. et al. v. Bonta et al., a class action lawsuit 27 filed in Federal District Court concerning the availability of intensive mental health services to children 28 in California who are either in foster care or at imminent risk of coming into care, created this Subclass.
Subclass means all individuals who enrolled in (i.e., became a member of) a LifeLock identity theft protection plan in the United States at any time between January 1, 2012, and April 30, 2015. LifeLock estimates there are approximately 3.4 million Subclass Members.
Subclass means a subclass of Claims within a particular Class.
Subclass means a category of Claims or Equity Interests as classified in section 2 of the Joint Plan.