Sub-custodian(s) definition

Sub-custodian(s) means each Sub-custodian appointed by the Custodian pursuant to Section 8 of this Agreement, but shall not include Securities Depositories.
Sub-custodian(s). We may appoint Sub-Custodians solely for the temporary custody and safekeeping of Bullion until transported to our London vault premises as provided in clause 7.4, unless otherwise agreed between the Trust and us with the consent of the Sponsor. Any such Sub-Custodian shall be a member of the LBMA. The Sub-Custodians we select may themselves select subcustodians to provide such temporary custody and safekeeping of Bullion, but such subcustodians shall not by such selection or otherwise be, or be considered to be, a Sub-Custodian as such term is used herein. We will use reasonable care in selecting any Sub-Custodian. [As of the date of this Agreement, the Sub-Custodians that we use are: the Bank of England, The Bank of Nova Scotia (ScotiaMocatta), Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., UBS AG and Barclays Bank PLC.] We will notify the Trust if we select any additional Sub-Custodian, or stop using any Sub-Custodian for such purpose. The Trust’s receipt of notice that we have selected a Sub-Custodian (including those named in this clause 8.1) shall not be deemed to limit our responsibility in selecting such Sub-Custodian. Not more frequently than annually, upon the Trust’s request, we shall confirm to the Trust that from time to time we may hold Precious Metal for our own account with one or more of each of the Sub-Custodians, provided that this confirmation shall not constitute a representation by us regarding the solvency or creditworthiness of any Sub-Custodian.
Sub-custodian(s) means, together, RBC Investor Services and NBF, each in their capacities as sub-custodians of Horizons the ETFs pursuant to the applicable Sub-Custodian Agreement, and “Sub-Custodian” means either one of them;

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Sub-custodian(s) means as defined in section 6 of this Prospectus(“Depositary”), under the sub-headingDelegation of Safekeeping Function”; "Trading Day" means any day on which the London Stock Exchange is open for trading; "UCITS" means a collective investment scheme such as the Company which is authorised by the FCA and which complies with the conditions necessary for it to enjoy the rights conferred by the UCITS Directive; "UCITS Directive" means the European Parliament and Council Directive of 13 July 2009 on the coordination of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (No.2009/65/EC) (as amended); "VAT" means UK value added tax.
Sub-custodian(s) means the entities as listed in Appendix 2 (Sub-Custodians) to which the custody of assets in certain markets in which the Trust may invest has been delegated or sub-delegated;
Sub-custodian(s) means sub-custodians, agents or depositories appointed by the InitialCustodian or the Swiss Gold Custodian pursuant to the Initial Custodian Agreements or the Swiss Gold Custodian Agreements (respectively) to perform any of its duties under the applicable Custodian Agreements including the custody and safe-keeping of Bullion but excluding any Zurich Sub-Custodian in its role as such, currently being:
Sub-custodian(s) means sub-custodians, agents or depositories appointed by the

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  • Sub-Custodian means and include (i) any branch of a “U.S. bank,” as that term is defined in Rule 17f-5 under the 1940 Act, and (ii) any “Eligible Foreign Custodian” having a contract with the Custodian which the Custodian has determined will provide reasonable care of assets of the Fund based on the standards specified in Section 3.3 below. Such contract shall be in writing and shall include provisions that provide: (i) for indemnification or insurance arrangements (or any combination of the foregoing) such that the Fund will be adequately protected against the risk of loss of assets held in accordance with such contract; (ii) that the Foreign Securities will not be subject to any right, charge, security interest, lien or claim of any kind in favor of the Sub-Custodian or its creditors except a claim of payment for their safe custody or administration, in the case of cash deposits, liens or rights in favor of creditors of the Sub-Custodian arising under bankruptcy, insolvency, or similar laws; (iii) that beneficial ownership for the Foreign Securities will be freely transferable without the payment of money or value other than for safe custody or administration; (iv) that adequate records will be maintained identifying the assets as belonging to the Fund or as being held by a third party for the benefit of the Fund; (v) that the Fund’s independent public accountants will be given access to those records or confirmation of the contents of those records; and (vi) that the Fund will receive periodic reports with respect to the safekeeping of the Fund’s assets, including, but not limited to, notification of any transfer to or from a Fund's account or a third party account containing assets held for the benefit of the Fund. Such contract may contain, in lieu of any or all of the provisions specified in (i)-(vi) above, such other provisions that the Custodian determines will provide, in their entirety, the same or a greater level of care and protection for Fund assets as the specified provisions.

  • Custodians means all of them, collectively.

  • Repo Custodian shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble of this Agreement.

  • Subcustodian(s) means each foreign bank appointed by the Custodian pursuant to Section 8 hereof, but shall not include Securities Depositories.

  • DTC Custodian means the custodian of the DTC Notes on behalf of DTC, which initially shall be the Global Agent.

  • Indian custodian means any Indian person who has legal custody of an Indian child under tribal law or custom or under State law or to whom temporary physical care, custody, and control has been transferred by the parent of such child;

  • Special Sub-Custodian Each such duly appointed Special Sub-Custodian shall be listed on Schedule D hereto, as it may be amended from time to time by a Fund, with the acknowledgment of the Custodian. In connection with the appointment of any Special Sub-Custodian, and in accordance with Special Instructions, the Custodian shall enter into a sub-custodian agreement with the Fund and the Special Sub-Custodian in form and substance approved by such Fund, provided that such agreement shall in all events comply with the provisions of the 1940 Act and the rules and regulations thereunder and the terms and provisions of this Agreement.

  • Legal custodian means an individual who is at least 18 years of age in whose care a minor child remains or is placed after a court makes a finding under section 13a(5) of chapter XIIA of the probate code of 1939, 1939 PA 288, MCL 712A.13a.

  • ADS Custodian means the person then acting as custodian under the Deposit Agreement. The ADS Custodian as of the Issue Date is The Bank of New York Mellon.

  • Independent Custodian means Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch.

  • Collateral Custodian Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association, not in its individual capacity, but solely as Collateral Custodian, its successor in interest pursuant to Section 8.3 or such Person as shall have been appointed Collateral Custodian pursuant to Section 8.5.

  • Certificate Administrator Personnel The divisions and individuals of the Certificate Administrator who are involved in the performance of the duties of the Certificate Administrator under this Agreement.

  • Primary Custodian the meaning set forth in Rule 17f-7(b)(2).

  • Custodian means any receiver, trustee, assignee, liquidator or similar official under any Bankruptcy Law.

  • Foreign Sub-Custodian means a foreign banking institution serving as an Eligible Foreign Custodian.

  • Certificate Custodian Initially, Wachovia Bank, National Association; thereafter any other Certificate Custodian acceptable to The Depository Trust Company and selected by the Trustee.

  • Securities Custodian means the custodian with respect to a Global Security (as appointed by the Depository) or any successor person thereto, who shall initially be the Trustee.

  • Master Servicer Servicing Personnel The divisions and individuals of the Master Servicer who are involved in the performance of the duties of the Master Servicer under this Agreement.

  • Special Servicer Servicing Personnel The divisions and individuals of the Special Servicer who are involved in the performance of the duties of the Special Servicer under this Agreement.

  • IPN Portal Administrator means the USAID official designated by the M/OAA Director, who has overall responsibility for managing the USAID Implementing Partner Notices Portal for Acquisition.

  • Bankruptcy Custodian means any receiver, trustee, assignee, liquidator or similar official under any Bankruptcy Law. The Trustee shall not be deemed to know or have notice of a Default unless a Trust Officer at the Corporate Trust Office of the Trustee receives written notice at the Corporate Trust Office of the Trustee of that Default with specific reference to that Default. When a Default is cured, it ceases. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 6.01, if the principal of, premium (if any) or interest on or Additional Amounts with respect to any Security is payable in a currency or currencies (including a composite currency) other than Dollars and such currency or currencies are not available to the Company for making payment thereof due to the imposition of exchange controls or other circumstances beyond the control of the Company (a "Conversion Event"), the Company will be entitled to satisfy its obligations to Holders of the Securities by making that payment in Dollars in an amount equal to the Dollar equivalent of the amount payable in such other currency, as determined by the Company by reference to the Exchange Rate on the date of that payment, or, if that rate is not then available, on the basis of the most recently available Exchange Rate. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 6.01, any payment made under such circumstances in Dollars where the required payment is in a currency other than Dollars will not constitute an Event of Default under this Indenture.

  • Document Custodian means the Custodian when acting in the role of a document custodian hereunder.

  • Qualified custodian means the following independent institutions or entities that are not affiliated with the investment adviser by any direct or indirect common control and have not had a material business relationship with the investment adviser in the previous two years:

  • Certificate Administrator’s Website The internet website of the Certificate Administrator, initially located at

  • Custodial Services has the meaning given to it in Section 3.1 of the Custodial Agreement;

  • Certificate Administrator Accounts As defined in Section 3.07(a) of this Agreement.