Shielded room definition

Shielded room means a room housing a RGD where, with the RGD at maximum techniques, the exterior room environs meets the unrestricted area limits of 0.02 millisieverts (mSv), or 2 milliRem (mrem) in any one hour and 1 millisieverts (mSv), or 100 milliRem (mRem) in a year at 30 cm from the barrier. A shielded room does not include a RGD which meet the definition of cabinet x-ray systems.
Shielded room means a room housing a RGD where, with the RGD at maximum techniques, the exterior room environs meets the unrestricted area limits of 0.02 millisieverts (mSv), or 2 milliRem (mrem) in any one
Shielded room means a room housing an RGD where, with the RGD at maximum techniques, the exterior room environs meets the unrestricted area limits of 0.02 mSv (2 mrem) in any one hour and 1 mSv (100 mrem) in a year.

Examples of Shielded room in a sentence

  • Shielded room against the spurious microwave signals for radiometric operations Each patient is registered with its anamnesis, in order to be possible a further diagnosis, treatment and survey of the grow dynamic in time.In this shielded camera, for every case, a video, an infrared image and microwave domain measurements are realized, too, with the special dedicated radiometer.

  • Shielded room against the spurious microwave signals for radiometric operations, during the construction Each patient is registered with its anamnesis, in order to make possible the diagnosis, and the further survey of the treatment or of the tumor growth/decrease dynamic.For every patient is realized: a video, an infrared image and a number of microwave domain measurements (with the special dedicated radiometer) in this shielded room.

  • Shielded room X-ray radiography.Existing subsection (b) is deleted and existing subsec- tion (c) is renumbered.

  • Louisiana needs to add this definition to meet the Compatibility Category B designation assigned to 10 CFR 34.3, Definition: Independent certifyingagency.3§ 50334.3N/AN/ADefinition: Shielded room Louisiana adds a definition of “shielded room” which is not found in 10 CFR 34.3. This definition could be interpreted to be less restrictive since it does not specify what type of operations/facility/storage, it can be used for regarding industrial radiography.

  • Shielded room radiography shall comply with all applicable requirements of this Part.

  • With the Netherlands as co- ordinator, some countries prepare for collaborative work based on housing associations on a European scale.

  • The Soudan Muon Shielded room and Neutron Multiplicity Meter This experiment is the newest entry in the effort to benchmark muon-induced neutrons underground and deploys individual neutron detectors time-synched to a surrounding muon tracker.

  • Shielded room radiography is that which is conducted in an enclosed room, the interior of which is not occupied during radiographic operations, which is so shielded that every location on the exterior meets conditions for an uncontrolled area as specified in CCR Title 17 Section 30268, 10 CFR 20.1301 or Section 5.1 of these procedures, and the only access to which Is through openings which are interlocked so that the radiation machine will not operate unless all openings are securely closed.

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