Sequels definition

Sequels means any game (including but not limited to "Free Style II" or "Free Style III"), which will be developed and/or released after the date of this Agreement, and the content therein is substantially different from the Game.
Sequels means any sequels, prequel, derivative work (other than an Update) or “port” to a product that is sold or licensed as a separate product or SKU (including sold as a “bundle” with the original product), regardless of whether the Sequel uses the name of the original product in its title.
Sequels means derivative works of the Game that are significantly similar in scope to the original Game (i.e., two-dimensional versions of the Game developed for use on mobile operating systems and based on the same Game Content as the original Game.)

Examples of Sequels in a sentence

  • Sequels or second and third seasons of an existing drama series are eligible.

  • Sequels or second, third and further seasons of an existing animation series are not eligible.

  • Klitsner, Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other, Choice (October, 2010).R Hendel (ed.), Reading Genesis.

  • Sequels second, third and further seasons of an existing documentary series are not eligible.

  • Sequels or second, third and further seasons of an existing documentary series are not eligible.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, single-episode Sequels, Spin-offs or Remakes for adult TV and documentary programs fall within the category of series that are less than 6 episodes.

  • See also UNCTAD’s Pink Series Sequels on Scope and Definition, MFN, Expropriation, FET and Transparency, available at: http://investmentpolicyhub.

  • Right to communicate any Sequels, Subsequent Series, Spin-Offs or Remakes: 12 months from completion of the first ABC Free-to-Air Television Run or ABC Free Online Run of each episode of the Program, whichever is earlier.

  • No provision of this Declaration shall be interpreted to give an Owner, or any other party, priority over the rights of any Institutional First Mortgagee pursuant to the terms of its Mortgage on any Lot on the Property in the event of a distribution to such Owner of insurance proceeds or condemnation awards for losses to or a taking of the Common Area.

  • Sequels and remakes are considered to be non-original screenplays.

Related to Sequels

  • Game has the meaning ascribed to that term in the Control Act;

  • Exploitation means the act of Exploiting a product or process.

  • Programming means the process of organisation, decision-making and allocation of financial resources in several stages, with the involvement of partners in accordance with Article 5, intended to implement, on a multi-annual basis, joint action by the Union and the Member States to achieve the objectives of the Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth;

  • Library means an organized collection of resources made accessible to the public for reference or borrowing supported with money derived from taxation.

  • Film means single media or multimedia entertainment content for distribution or exhibition to the general public by any means and media in any digital media format, film, or videotape, including, but not limited to, a motion picture, a documentary, a television series, a television miniseries, a television special, interstitial television programming, long-form television, interactive television, music videos, interactive games, video games, commercials, internet programming, an internet video, a sound recording, a video, digital animation, or an interactive website.

  • Games means the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, England between 28 July – 8 August 2022.

  • Artwork has the meaning set forth in Section 1.6(a).

  • Fields of Use means UltraTemp, Ceris or Ceros technology for the transportation or appliance gas ignition markets.

  • Variant means trailers of the same type which do not differ in respect of at least the following aspects:

  • Metadata means textual and other data associated with the Licensed Titles and/or Licensed Content that describes the creation, content, and context of each part of the Licensed Titles or Licensed Content, such as the name of the Publisher, the name of the copyright owner, subject matter, the date of publication, the location of the digital file, and in relation to Licensed Content, additionally the name of the contributing author (or authors) and other authors.

  • Script means the written document that will assist the Servicer in responding to telephonic inquiries from Consumers about the Settlement (as defined below) and the status of their Program loan accounts after the Effective Date.

  • Motion picture means a nationally or internationally distributed

  • Licensed Fields of Use means the fields of use identified in Appendix B.

  • Speech or language impairment means a communication disorder, such as stuttering, impaired articulation, a language impairment, or a voice impairment, that adversely affects a child’s educational performance.

  • Licensed Content means those articles or other parts of a Licensed Title which form part of the content licensed in accordance with the Order (including all content published during the Subscription Period or other period specified in the Order to which access and use rights are granted under this Licence, and including all Previously Subscribed Material).

  • Licensed Field means all fields of use.

  • Magazines means magazines and other materials printed on similar paper.

  • DNA means deoxyribonucleic acid.

  • Soft drinks means nonalcoholic beverages that contain natural or artificial sweeteners. "Soft drinks" does not include beverages that contain milk or milk products, soy, rice, or similar milk substitutes, or that contains greater than fifty per cent vegetable or fruit juice by volume.

  • digital content means data which are produced and supplied in digital form;

  • musical work means a work consisting of music, exclusive of any words or action intended to be sung, spoken or performed with the music;

  • Tableware means multi-use eating and drinking utensils.

  • Boxing means the sport of attack and defense using the fist, covered by an approved boxing glove.

  • VOC content means the total weight of VOC in a product expressed as a percentage of the product weight (exclusive of the container or packaging), as determined pursuant to sections 94515(a) and (b).

  • Apps means software applications for smartphones and tablets distributed by Samsara through Google Play or through the Apple App Store.

  • Works means work to be done by the Contractor under the Contract.