Definition of Seller Note Amount

Seller Note Amount means $75,000,000.
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Examples of Seller Note Amount in a sentence

Accordingly, Section 2(b)(i) of the Purchase Agreement shall be amended to by replacing the "Escrow Amount" with the "Seller Note Amount" and to provide that Buyer shall deliver the Seller Note to the Seller Representative at Closing.
Cash Amount means the Estimated Purchase Price minus, (i) Junior Amount Seller Note Amount and (ii) the Senior Seller Note Amount.
Any decrease to the Purchase Price on account of the adjustment contemplated by this Section 1.5(d)(i) shall be allocated to the Estimated Cash Purchase Price, the Primary Earn-Out Amount and the Subordinated Convertible Seller Note Amount in the Percentages set forth on Schedule 1.5(d)(i).
Up to $2,500,000 of the Unadjusted Purchase Price may be paid by Buyer by delivery at Closing of a secured subordinated promissory note in the aggregate principal amount of up to $2,500,000 (the "Seller Note Amount") in favor of the Seller Representative (for the benefit of Sellers), in form and substance acceptable to the Seller Representative (the "Seller Note").