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Secure exchangeย means the exchange of patient electronic

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  • UCL CTC will be responsible for the day to day coordination and management of the trial and will act as custodian of the data generated in the trial (on behalf of UCL).

  • Secure exchange of CITES permits over the InternetElectronic CITES permits are exchanged through the Internet, which is an open and anonymous network with the risk that messages can be intercepted or changed.

  • Screen captures are not recommended, but if you decide to take one, you must ensure that it is kept in a secure location using one of the applications approved by the Chambre (see Secure exchange of documents).

  • Secure exchange of electronic health recordsAlejandro Flores ZunigaUniversity of Wollongong, Than WinUniversity of Wollongong, SusiloUniversity of Wollongong, this and additional works at: of the Engineering Commons, and the Science and Technology Studies CommonsRecommended CitationFlores Zuniga, Alejandro; Win, Khin Than; and Susilo, Willy, "Secure exchange of electronic health records" (2013).

  • Secure exchange of the documents will also be ensured by deploying secure document exchange (ePROSECAL) and notarization platform/services (eNOTAR).OLYMPUS23 addressed the challenges associated with the use of privacy-preserving identity management solutions by establishing an interoperable European Identity Management Framework based on novel cryptographic approaches applied to currently deployed identity management technologies.

  • Periodic key changes once the initial keys are established between the DNS name servers.B. Secure exchange of the key values between the two DNS name servers.C. A secure NTP source used by both DNS name servers to avoid message rejection.D. DNS configuration files on both DNS name servers must be identically encrypted.E. AES encryption with a SHA1 hash must be used to encrypt the configuration files on both DNS name servers.

  • Secure exchange of monetary value and other items of value, enabling e - commerce through mobile devices, is just one focus of the security research.

  • Any changes to estimates or assumptions are automatically updated.๐Ÿž‚ GL/ERP INTEGRATION: Secure exchange of financial information between your GL and the planning software enables faster budget creation and ongoing actuals vs.

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  • Secure exchange of secret keys for the session data communication is the requirement of our proposed scheme.

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  • Share Exchange has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

  • Reference Exchange means Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.

  • Securities Transaction means a purchase or sale of Securities in which an Access Person or a member of his or her Immediate Family has or acquires a Beneficial Interest.

  • Two-party exchange means a transaction in which fuel is transferred from one licensed supplier to

  • National Securities Exchange means an exchange registered with the Commission under Section 6(a) of the Exchange Act or any successor thereto.

  • EC Merger Regulation means the Council Regulation (EC) No 139/2004 of 20 January 2004 on the control of concentrations between undertakings.

  • Relevant Exchange means the Relevant Exchange as specified in ยง 2 of the Product and Underlying Data.In the case of a material change in the market conditions at the Relevant Exchange, such as a final discontinuation of the quotation of the Underlying at the Relevant Exchange and the quotation at a different stock exchange or a considerably restricted number or liquidity, the Relevant Exchange shall be substituted as the Relevant Exchange by another exchange that offers satisfactorily liquid trading in the Underlying (the "Substitute Exchange"); such exchange shall be determined by the Calculation Agent acting in accordance with relevant market practice and in good faith. In this case, any reference to the Relevant Exchange in the Terms and Conditions of these Securities shall be deemed to refer to the Substitute Exchange.