Sarnoff definition

Sarnoff means David Sarnoff Research Center, Inc., a Delaware ------- corporation.

Examples of Sarnoff in a sentence

  • Diaz, Mayor Joe Sanchez, ChairMichelle Spence-Jones, Vice-Chair Angel González, Commissioner District OneMarc David Sarnoff, Commissioner District Two Tomas Regalado, Commissioner District Four Pedro G.

  • The claims center on Sarnoff's violation of a non-disclosure agreement entered into with the Company with respect to limited use of certain of the Company's technology and on inaccurate comparisons that the Company believes Sarnoff has made in its product advertising and in statements to potential customers and others.

  • INDUSTRY INTERACTION• Microsoft R & D, Bangalore• Sarnoff Innovative Tech.

  • Sarnoff, Abolishing the Doctrine of Equivalents and Claiming the Future After Festo, 19 BERKELEY TECH.

  • Sarnoff, Trustee Lowell confirmed that the recommended Board action is based on the action taken by the Committee.

  • Sarnoff, Bilcare, KSR, Presumptions of Validity, Preliminary Relief, and Obviousness in Patent Law, 25 CARDOZO ARTS & ENT.

  • SRI employs over 2,500 employees at research facilities across the United States and abroad, including researchers at the former Sarnoff facilities in Princeton, New Jersey.

  • In Proceedings of the 35th IEEE Sarnoff Symposium (SARNOFF), Newark, NJ, USA, 21–22 May 2012; pp.

  • In response to Trustee Sarnoff, Trustee Lowell confirmed that the recommended Board action is based on the action taken by the Committee.

  • Sarnoff, Patent Eligible Medical and Biotechnology Inventions After Bilski, Prometheus, and Myriad, 19 TEX.

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