Rollover Bonus definition

Rollover Bonus means the additional fixed dollar amount which a Participant will be entitled to carry over to the next Benefit Period if the Participant qualifies for the Rollover Amount and all Qualified Claims are submitted by a PPO Participating Dentist during the Benefit Period.

Examples of Rollover Bonus in a sentence

  • In exchange for such Rollover Bonus, the Employee hereby waives the acceleration of vesting with respect to the Unvested Company Equity Awards, and agrees to cancel such awards in full as of the Commencement Date, and the Employee hereby agrees that such awards shall have no further force and effect on and after the Commencement Date.

  • Subject to the Employee’s continued employment with the Company on the applicable vesting dates, the Rollover Bonus shall vest as to twenty percent (20%), thirty-five percent (35%), and forty-five percent (45%) on the eve of each of the first, second, and third anniversaries of the Commencement Date, respectively.

  • As with the Hart case, the details of what took place were widely and accurately reported.

  • Except as set forth in Section 6, the vested portion of the Rollover Bonus and any interest thereon shall become payable within ten (10) days following the applicable vesting date.

  • Purchaser shall cause or cause to be delivered by wire transfer the amounts constituting the Rollover Bonus to an interest-bearing escrow account established at Xxxxxx Bank in Chicago, Illinois.

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  • Note 2--Cash dividends were not paid during the five-year period ended October 30, 2005.

  • If they elect not to redeem at 1 September 2014, they will be entitled to receive the Rollover Bonus as at 1 July 2015.

  • If Employee fulfills the full term of the consulting agreement, the Rollover Bonus and Taurus Options vest according to the Schedule A and B • Compensation: Purchaser will pay 75% of then current Base Salary (payable in regular bi-weekly installments) for the full one (1) year term.

  • The Rollover Bonus represents the spread cash value of certain Company Equity Awards that (a) have not vested as of immediately prior to the consummation of the Offer and (b) the vesting of which, but for this Section 1(a), otherwise would have been accelerated and cash payment made therefor in the Merger pursuant to the Merger Agreement (the “Unvested Company Equity Awards”).

Related to Rollover Bonus

  • Accrued Bonus means the bonus, which may be negative or positive, which is calculated in the manner set forth in Section V.A.

  • Bonus Compensation shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3(b).

  • Cash Bonus means an award of a bonus payable in cash pursuant to Section 10 hereof.

  • Retention Bonus means the amount equal to:

  • Bonus Payment means a cash payment in an amount equal to the sum of (i) all Excise Taxes payable by the Executive, plus (ii) all additional Excise Taxes and federal or state income taxes to the extent such taxes are imposed in respect of the Bonus Payment, such that the Executive shall be in the same after-tax position and shall have received the same benefits that he would have received if the Excise Taxes had not been imposed. For purposes of calculating any income taxes attributable to the Bonus Payment, the Executive shall be deemed for all purposes to be paying income taxes at the highest marginal federal income tax rate, taking into account any applicable surtaxes and other generally applicable taxes which have the effect of increasing the marginal federal income tax rate and, if applicable, at the highest marginal state income tax rate, to which the Bonus Payment and the Executive are subject. An example of the calculation of the Bonus Payment is set forth below. Assume that the Excise Tax rate is 20%, the highest federal marginal income tax rate is 40% and the Executive is not subject to state income taxes. Further assume that the Executive has received an excess parachute payment in the amount of $200,000, on which $40,000 ($200,000 x 20%) in Excise Taxes are payable. The amount of the required Bonus Payment is thus computed to be $100,000, i.e., the Bonus Payment of $100,000, less additional Excise Taxes on the Bonus Payment of $20,000 (i.e., 20% x $100,000) and income taxes of $40,000 (i.e., 40% x $100,000), yields $40,000, the amount of the Excise Taxes payable in respect of the original excess parachute payment.

  • Bonus Amount means the greater of (i) the average annual incentive bonus earned by Executive from the Company (or its affiliates) during the last three (3) completed fiscal years of the Company immediately preceding Executive’s Date of Termination (annualized in the event Executive was not employed by the Company (or its affiliates) for the whole of any such fiscal year), and (ii) the Executive’s target annual incentive bonus for the year in which the Date of Termination occurs.

  • Performance Bonus means the performance bonus in respect of each Class payable to the General Partner by the Partnership which will be equal to 20% of the product of: (a) the number of Units of that Class outstanding on the Performance Bonus Date; and (b) the amount by which the Net Asset Value per Unit of that Class on the Performance Bonus Date (prior to giving effect to the Performance Bonus) plus the aggregate value of all distributions per Unit of that Class during the Performance Bonus Term exceeds $25.00.

  • Rollover Contribution means any rollover contribution to the Plan made by a Participant as may be permitted under Article V.

  • Target Bonus Amount means Executive’s target annual bonus amount in effect at the time of Executive’s Qualifying Termination (disregarding any decrease in such target annual bonus amount that constitutes a Good Reason event).

  • Bonus Payments means that portion of the bonus payments received by the

  • Earned Bonus means the bonus paid, if any, pursuant to the Company’s incentive compensation plans in effect from time to time. Earned Bonus shall be prorated based on the ratio of the number of days during such year that Executive was employed to 365.

  • Clawback Eligible Incentive Compensation means all Incentive-based Compensation Received by an Executive Officer (i) on or after the effective date of the applicable Nasdaq rules, (ii) after beginning service as an Executive Officer, (iii) who served as an Executive Officer at any time during the applicable performance period relating to any Incentive-based Compensation (whether or not such Executive Officer is serving at the time the Erroneously Awarded Compensation is required to be repaid to the Company), (iv) while the Company has a class of securities listed on a national securities exchange or a national securities association, and (v) during the applicable Clawback Period (as defined below).

  • Change in Control Benefit means the benefit described in Section 2.4.

  • Severance Payment means any amount paid by a board to or in behalf of a superintendent on early termination of the superinten- dent’s contract that exceeds the amount earned by the superinten- dent under the contract as of the date of termination, including any amount that exceeds the amount of earned standard salary and benefits that is paid as a condition of early termination of the con- tract. Payments to a former superintendent who remains employed by a district in another capacity or contracts with a district to pro- vide the district services may be severance payments in whole or in part if the payments are compensation for the early termination of a prior employment agreement. Severance payments include any payment for actual or threatened litigation involving or related to the employment contract. Education Code 11.201(c); 19 TAC 105.1021(a)(1)

  • Cash Compensation means any discount, concession, fee, service fee, commission, sales charge, loan, override, or cash benefit received by a producer in connection with the recommendation or sale of an annuity from an insurer, intermediary, or directly from the consumer.

  • Average Incentive Compensation means the average of the annual incentive compensation under Subparagraph 3(a) received by Executive for the three (3) immediately preceding fiscal years or such fewer number of complete fiscal years as Executive may have been employed by the Company. In no event shall “Average Incentive Compensation” include any sign-on bonus, retention bonus or any other special bonus. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Executive breaches any of the provisions contained in Paragraphs 4 and 5 of this Agreement, all payments of the Severance Amount shall immediately cease. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Executive terminates his employment for Good Reason as provided in Subparagraph 6(e), he shall be entitled to the Severance Amount only if he provides the Notice of Termination provided for in Subparagraph 6(f) within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of the event or events which constitute such Good Reason as specified in clauses (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) of Subparagraph 6(e);

  • Severance Compensation means the compensation set forth in (i), (ii), and (iv) above.

  • Incentive Pay means an annual amount equal to the aggregate annual bonus, in addition to Base Pay, made or to be made in regard to services rendered in any calendar year or performance period pursuant to any bonus plan of the Company.

  • Performance Compensation Award means any Award designated by the Committee as a Performance Compensation Award pursuant to Section 11 of the Plan.

  • Rollover Account means the account established hereunder to which amounts transferred from a qualified plan or individual retirement account in accordance with Section 4.6 are allocated.

  • Severance Pay means any amount that is payable in cash and is identified by a Participating Company as severance pay, or any amount which is payable on account of periods beginning after the last date on which an employee (or former employee) is required to report for work for a Participating Company.

  • Annual Bonus shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4(b) hereof.

  • Incentive Bonus means a bonus opportunity awarded under Section 9 pursuant to which a Participant may become entitled to receive an amount based on satisfaction of such performance criteria as are specified in the Award Agreement.

  • Severance Payments shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.1 hereof.

  • Incentive Payment means the payment to a STGU, including an AOBC Generation Unit, for RPS class I Renewable Generation Attributes and/or Environmental Attributes produced by these units, calculated pursuant to Section 7.0 below.

  • Change in Control Benefits means the following benefits: