RMBS Trusts definition

RMBS Trusts means all residential mortgage-backed securitization trusts, net interest margin trusts and similar trusts for which the Debtors act as sponsor, depositor, servicer, master servicer or in similar capacities.
RMBS Trusts means all residential mortgage backed securitization trusts, net interest margin trusts and similar residential mortgage backed trusts for which the Debtors act as sponsor, depositor, servicer, master servicer or in similar capacities.
RMBS Trusts means all residential mortgage backed securitization trusts, net interest margin trusts and similar residential mortgage backed trusts for which the Debtors act as sponsor, depositor, servicer, master servicer or in similar capacities, or a Loan Group in such RMBS Trust, as applicable.

Examples of RMBS Trusts in a sentence

  • The loans subject to the securitisation program have been pledged as security for the securities issued by the RMBS Trusts.

  • The Original RMBS Settlement Agreements are hereby expanded to include all RMBS Trusts holding RMBS Trust Claims and are otherwise modified as set forth herein.

  • Certificateholders and other persons interested in the RMBS Trusts should not rely on the RMBS Trustees, or on counsel or other advisors retained by the RMBS Trustees, as their sole source of information.

  • That the Original Claim Allocation Methodology was not revised in the exact manner proposed by AAM, or that AAM believes that a different methodology would have benefited RALI Series 2006-Q07 (to the detriment of one or more other RMBS Trusts), is not a fair or reasonable objection.

  • Two Investors in the Original Settling Trusts, including AAM [Docket No. 2297] (“AAM RMBS 9019Objection”), filed objections to the RMBS 9019 Motion and the Original Settlement Agreement, the crux of which was that the Original Claim Allocation Methodology failed to take into account the unique characteristics of the RMBS Trusts and inappropriately used net losses as a proxy for viable Repurchase Claims.

  • In other words, the cost and time of doing what AAM did for one RMBS Trust would not be possible for the over 1,000 RMBS Trusts that are affected by the Agreement.

  • When performing its loan file review, Duff & Phelps allocated the Total Claim Amount among the RMBS Trusts and considered a number of uncertain and unknown factors, including the amount of future losses suffered by the RMBS Trusts and whether those losses (as well as past losses) are associated with breaches of representation and warranties.

  • The Governing Agreements for the RMBS Trusts generally give the Investors two courses of action: (i) act through the RMBS Trustee in accordance with that RMBS Trustee’s reasonable judgment or (ii) direct the RMBS Trustee to take certain actions in accordance with the applicable Governing Agreements.

  • Because the RMBS Trusts, the Obligors, are not Debtors, the language Assured cites is not applicable in these Chapter 11 Cases.

  • The RMBS Trustees have acted appropriately in entering into the Agreement that both preserves the right of individual RMBS Trusts to direct the RMBS Trustees and includes the RMBS Trust Allocation Protocol, which will apply to all RMBS Trusts in a uniform, objective way.

More Definitions of RMBS Trusts

RMBS Trusts means the RMBS Trusts listed on Schedule 2 hereto. “Termination Event” shall have the meaning specified in Section 8.01. “Transferee” shall have the meaning specified in Section 7.02.
RMBS Trusts means private-label residential mortgage-backed securities trusts.

Related to RMBS Trusts

  • Securitization Trust means a trust formed pursuant to a Securitization pursuant to which one or more of the Notes are held.

  • Other Trusts Means the Continental Airlines Pass Through Trust 2001-1A-1-O, the Continental Airlines Pass Through Trust 2001-1A-2-O and the Continental Airlines Pass Through Trust 2001-1B-O, created by the Other Agreements.

  • MBS means mortgage-backed securities.

  • Special needs trust means a trust the trustee believes would not be considered a resource for purposes of determining whether a beneficiary with a disability is eligible for governmental benefits.

  • Securitization Vehicle shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Qualified Institutional Lender.”

  • Mortgage servicer means the mortgagee or a person other than the mortgagee to whom a mortgagor or the mortgagor’s successor in interest is instructed by the mortgagee to send payments on a loan secured by the mortgage. A person transmitting a payoff statement for a mortgage is the mortgage servicer for purposes of such mortgage.

  • First trust means a trust over which an authorized fiduciary may exercise the decanting power.

  • Lead Securitization Trust means the Securitization Trust created in connection with the Lead Securitization.

  • Owner Trust means the trust created by this Agreement.

  • Lead Securitization means, if the First Securitization is the Note A-1 Securitization, such Securitization; provided that, if any other Securitization occurs prior to the Note A-1 Securitization, then the First Securitization shall be the Lead Securitization until such time as the Note A-1 Securitization occurs.

  • the Trusts means the Macfarlane Trust, the Macfarlane (Special Payments) Trust and the Macfarlane (Special Payments) (No. 2) Trust;

  • Property Trustee Account has the meaning set forth in Section 3.8(c).

  • Series Trust means the trust known as the Series 2000-2G Medallion Trust established pursuant to the Master Trust Deed and the Series Supplement.

  • Underlying Trust Means the "Trust Fund" as defined in the Underlying Agreement.

  • PFPC Trust means PFPC Trust Company or a subsidiary or affiliate of PFPC Trust Company.

  • Securitization means one or more sales by a Note Holder of all or a portion of such Note to a depositor, who will in turn include such portion of such Note as part of a securitization of one or more mortgage loans.

  • Trusts shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.02.

  • Student Loans means education loans to students and parents of students under the Federal Family Education Loan Program.

  • Portfolio Administrator means any entity and any successor or replacement thereto, as specified in the Final Terms for each Series of ETP Securities, appointed as Portfolio Administrator in accordance with the terms of the relevant Portfolio Administration Agreement.

  • Mortgage Servicing Rights The rights and responsibilities of Seller with respect to servicing the Mortgage Loans under the Servicing Agreements, including any and all of the following if and to the extent provided therein: (a) all rights to service a Mortgage Loan; (b) all rights to receive servicing fees, Ancillary Income, reimbursements or indemnification for servicing the Mortgage Loan, and any payments received in respect of the foregoing and proceeds thereof; (c) the right to collect, hold and disburse escrow payments or other payments with respect to the Mortgage Loan and any amounts actually collected with respect thereto and to receive interest income on such amounts to the extent permitted by Applicable Law; (d) all accounts and other rights to payment related to any of the property described in this paragraph; (e) possession and use of any and all Credit Files pertaining to the Mortgage Loan or pertaining to the past, present or prospective servicing of the Mortgage Loan; (f) to the extent applicable, all rights and benefits relating to the direct solicitation of the related Mortgagors for refinance or modification of the Mortgage Loans and attendant right, title and interest in and to the list of such Mortgagors and data relating to their respective Mortgage Loans; and (g) all rights, powers and privileges incident to any of the foregoing.

  • Academy Trust shall include any company in which the Academy Trust: • holds more than 50% of the shares; or • controls more than 50% of the voting rights attached to the shares; or • has the right to appoint one or more directors to the board of the company.

  • Funding Agency means an organization or individual which provides facilities to receive and accumulate assets to be used either for the payment of benefits under a pension plan, or for the purchase of such benefits, provided such accumulated assets form a part of a pension plan established for the exclusive benefit of the plan participants and their beneficiaries. The fair market value of the assets held by the funding agency as of a specified date is the Funding Agency Balance as of that date.

  • Securitization Property means the property described in section 10j.