Rezoning Application definition

Rezoning Application means a Planning Proposal to rezone the Development Land in order to allow the Proposed Development to be carried out on that land.

Examples of Rezoning Application in a sentence

  • All Rezoning Application Information Signs shall be removed no later than 30 days following the date of the approval or rejection of the relevant application by City Council.

  • Rezoning Application Information Signs shall be erected in a manner so as to be visible from each public roadway, other than a Lane.

  • In addition to the information requirements listed in subsection 24.4(1), the applicant shall, within seven days of the erection of the Rezoning Application Information Signs, submit to the Development Officer a letter indicating that the Sign has been erected in accordance with the requirements of the Zoning Bylaw.

  • The Applicant/Owner shall convey an Avigation Easement (the “Avigation Easement”) to the Chesapeake Airport Authority (the “Airport Authority”) following the final approval of this Rezoning Application by City Council (and the expiration of any applicable appeal period associated therewith).

  • Where a Rezoning Application Information Sign is required, the public hearing for such Rezoning Applications before City Council may not take place until a minimum period of 21 days has passed since the date upon which the owner or applicant erects the Rezoning Application Information Sign.

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application Refund (both small and large scale) and Rezoning Application Refund – If the application is withdrawn at least THREE WEEKS prior to the published advertisement for the first public hearing, the applicant shall be refunded half of the original fee paid at the time of application submittal.

  • No application fee is required for a Land Use Contract Discharge if a rezoning application is proceeding concurrently as part of the Land Use Contract Discharge, in which case Rezoning Application fees in accordance with Schedule I of this By-law shall apply.

  • The above-noted application was reviewed by the Advisory Planning Commission at the meeting of March 26, 2002 and the following recommendations were passed:THAT the Advisory Planning Commission supports Rezoning Application No. Z02-1009, 2350 Burtch Road, Lot 4, Plan 1562, Sec.

  • The approximate 102.71 acres subject to this Rezoning Application (the “Property”), when developed, shall be developed in substantial conformity with these proffers and the site plan prepared by Land Planning Solutions, entitled “Dominion Meadows – Conceptual Master Plan,” and dated October 8, 2012 (revised through November 20, 2012) (the "Site Plan") (attached hereto as Exhibit A).

  • A fee of $530.00 plus disbursements and taxes, per agreement is payable for the review and registration of documents identified in a Rezoning Application, including, but not limited to, Transfers for Road Widening and/or Sight Triangles, Transfers of Easements, Save harmless Agreements, Future Mutual Access Agreements, Acknowledgement Agreements, etc.

Related to Rezoning Application

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  • Drug Approval Application means a New Drug Application as defined in the FFDCA or any corresponding foreign application in the Territory, including, with respect to the European Union, a Marketing Authorization Application filed with the EMA pursuant to the centralized approval procedure or with the applicable Regulatory Authority of a country in Europe with respect to the mutual recognition or any other national approval.

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  • New Drug Application or “NDA” means a New Drug Application filed with the FDA as described in 21 C.F.R. § 314, a Biological License Application (BLA) pursuant to 21 C.F.R. § 601.2, or any equivalent or any corresponding application for Regulatory Approval (not including pricing and reimbursement approval) in any country or regulatory jurisdiction other than the United States.

  • Development Application means the development application identified in Item 5 of Schedule 1 and includes all plans, reports models, photomontages, material boards (as amended supplemented) submitted to the consent authority before the determination of that Development Application.

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  • Complete application means that the application contains all the information necessary for processing the application and the provisions of § 10.1-1321.1 of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Law have been met. Designating an application complete for purposes of permit processing does not preclude the board from requesting or accepting additional information.

  • Marketing Approval means all approvals, licenses, registrations or authorizations of the Regulatory Authority in a country, necessary for the manufacture, use, storage, import, marketing and sale of a Product in such country.

  • land development application means the application for a land development permit on a form provided by [local jurisdiction] along with the supporting documentation required in Section [Y]-10(a).

  • Account Opening Application Form means the application form/questionnaire completed by the Client in order to apply for the Company’s Services under this Agreement and a Client Account, via which form/questionnaire the Company will obtain amongst other things information for the Client’s identification and due diligence, his categorization and appropriateness or suitability (as applicable) in accordance with the Applicable Regulations.

  • Mobile Application means a specialized software program downloaded onto a wireless communication device.

  • Practical application means to manufacture in the case of a composition or product, to practice in the case of a process or method, or to operate in the case of a machine or system; and in each case, under these conditions as to establish that the invention is being utilized and that its benefits are to the extent permitted by law or Government regulations available to the public on reasonable terms.

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  • Patent Cooperation Treaty means the Patent Cooperation Treaty done at Washington on June 19, 1970;

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