Review team definition

Review team means a committee that reviews educator preparation programs seeking Board approval that con- sists of representatives from the Department and at least three of the following entities: institutions under the juris- diction of the Arizona Board of Regents, Arizona private institutions of higher education, Arizona community col- leges, other organizations with a Board approved educa- tor preparation program, professional educator associations, PreK-12 administrators from local educa- tion agencies, and National Board Certified Teachers.
Review team means a group of persons appointed by the commissioner to review and analyze reports from teacher education institutions and prepare reports based upon the review and analysis.
Review team means a group of people with experience, ex- pertise, and training to assess the adequacy of program components and domains.

Examples of Review team in a sentence

  • Jefferson County is committed to making available its personnel in a similar manner to enable the Performance Review team able to perform its duties in a timely basis.

  • Those portions of meetings in which individual child death cases are discussed by the State Child Fatality Review team established pursuant to § 32.1-283.1, and those portions of meetings in which individual child death cases are discussed by a regional or local child fatality review team established pursuant to § 32.1-283.2, and those portions of meetings in which individual death cases are discussed by family violence fatality review teams established pursuant to § 32.1-283.3.

  • The Technical Review team will be comprised of at least three persons with background, experience, and/or professional credentials in relative service areas.

  • The Technical Review team members will independently evaluate the proposals on the criteria and point system established in the section below entitled "Criteria for Evaluation" in order to assure that proposals are uniformly rated.

  • The Procurement Office and/or the Project Manager/Technical Review team will review and evaluate the price proposals and prepare a summary of its price evaluation.

More Definitions of Review team

Review team means the Bias-Free Case Review Team.
Review team means a regional interagency fatality
Review team means a local or regional domestic
Review team means a team established by a society under subsection (2).
Review team means Local Education Agency (“LEA”) staff and/or school staff, including the student’s 504 team or IEP team if applicable, who are familiar with the health and educational needs of the student for whom a medical homebound instruction program is being requested.
Review team means the review team designated under section 34.
Review team means a group of people with expe- rience, expertise, and training to assess the adequacy of pro- gram components and domains.