Refunded Obligations definition

Refunded Obligations means, collectively, the Refunded Notes, if any, and the Refunded Bonds, if any, refunded by each Series.
Refunded Obligations means those Refundable Obligations designated by the Pricing Officer in each Pricing Certificate to be refunded.
Refunded Obligations means all or a portion of the Existing Indebtedness which is to be refunded with the proceeds of the Authority Bonds, as set forth in Exhibit B.

Examples of Refunded Obligations in a sentence

  • Concurrently with the sale and delivery of the Refunding Obligations the Issuer shall deposit, or cause to be deposited, with the Escrow Agent, for deposit in the Escrow Fund, the funds and Escrowed Securities described in the Report for the refunding of the Refunded Obligations, and the Escrow Agent shall, upon the receipt thereof, acknowledge such receipt to the Issuer in writing.

  • When the final transfers have been made for the payment of such principal of and interest on the Refunded Obligations, any balance then remaining in the Escrow Fund shall be transferred to the Issuer, and the Escrow Agent shall thereupon be discharged from any further duties hereunder.

  • The Escrowed Securities and other assets of the Escrow Fund shall always be maintained by the Escrow Agent as trust funds for the benefit of the owners of the Refunded Obligations; and a special account thereof shall at all times be maintained on the books of the Escrow Agent.

  • This Agreement and all of the terms and provisions hereof shall be liberally construed to effectuate the purposes set forth herein and to achieve the intended purpose of providing for the refunding of the Refunded Obligations in accordance with applicable law.

  • Such deposit, all proceeds therefrom, and all cash balances from time to time on deposit therein (a) shall be the property of the Escrow Fund, (b) shall be applied only in strict conformity with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and (c) are hereby irrevocably pledged to the payment of the principal of and interest on the Refunded Obligations, which payment shall be made by timely transfers of such amounts at such times as are provided for in Section 3.02 hereof.

More Definitions of Refunded Obligations

Refunded Obligations means such portion, if any, of the Authority’s outstanding fixed or variable rate Bonds and Subordinated Bonds as shall be specified in a Certificate of Determination.
Refunded Obligations means those obligations described in Schedule I attached hereto that have been selected and designated to be refunded by the Pricing Officer in the Pricing Certificate.
Refunded Obligations means the obligations listed in Exhibit C.
Refunded Obligations means those outstanding obligations of the City described in Schedule I attached hereto, which are being refunded and defeased with the proceeds of the Bonds and other legally available funds of the City, if any.
Refunded Obligations means the Refunding Candidates designated as Refunded Obligations in the Pricing Certificate.
Refunded Obligations means the $6,085,000 outstanding principal amount of the Series 2014 Certificates, scheduled to mature on December 1, 2020.
Refunded Obligations means, as to each Series of Refunding Obligations, the Outstanding Obligations designated in the Certificate of Award as the Outstanding Obligations to be refunded with proceeds of that Series of Refunding Obligations.