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Responsible Entity Services (“RE Services”) provides services for the following entities: ▪ Perpetual Trust Services Limited);▪ The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited; and▪ The Trust Company (Sydney Airports) Limited (collectively referred to as the ”Perpetual Entities”).The Perpetual entities are dedicated to ensuring they conduct their business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

All RE Services staff require access to MCO to seek pre-approval from the relevant approver as per section 3.2 above.

Trading in non-Perpetual securities by: ▪ all RE Services staff (excluding the Business Head) must be approved through MCO by the Business Unit Head or their delegate; ▪ Business Unit Head, must be approved through MCO by the General Manager, Managed Fund Services or their delegate.

In MCO, RE Services staff will be required to complete a ‘Personal trade pre-clearance request’ detailing the proposed trade which they must then submit for approval to escalate the trade for review.

Where the RE Services staff member has failed to act on that approval, a new approval must be sought to trade on another business day.

Confirming execution of the trade The RE Services staff member will receive a trade confirmation request through MCO on the following day which must be completed to confirm whether or not the trade was placed.

This Policy must be read in conjunction with the following: ▪ Group Policy – Personal Trading in Non-Perpetual Securities (“Group Policy”)▪ Group Policy – Confidentiality of Information▪ Group Policy – Conflicts of Interest (Personal)▪ Group Policy – Conflicts of Interest (Corporate) RE Services staff should refer to the Group Policy – Personal Trading in Perpetual Securities for details in relation to trading in Perpetual Securities (as defined under that Policy).

As an outsourced RE, it is essential that RE Services has processes in place to ensure that its staff comply with the legal requirements in relation to trading, that they act with integrity and that they appropriately manage conflicts of interests and fiduciary responsibilities.

This Policy applies to all staff within the RE Services business unit and governs all personal trading by RE Services staff in schemes administered by the RE Services business unit (“non-Perpetual securities”) and details the obligations of RE Services staff not to use their position, or information obtained by virtue of their employment, to gain an advantage for themselves or another person.

Communication of decision The Approver must immediately confirm their decision through MCO and the RE Services staff member will receive an email from MCO advising them of the trade approval / denial decision.

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