Definition of R/C Maturity Date

R/C Maturity Date means, (a) with respect to the Closing Date Revolving Commitments, the date that is the fifth anniversary of the Closing Date and (b) with respect to any other Tranche of Revolving Commitments and Revolving Loans, the maturity date set forth therefor in the applicable Extension Amendment or Refinancing Amendment.
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Examples of R/C Maturity Date in a sentence

Except to the extent of reallocations of participations pursuant to clause (i) above, the occurrence of a R/C Maturity Date shall have no effect upon (and shall not diminish) the percentage participations of the Revolving Lenders of the relevant Tranche in any Letter of Credit issued before such R/C Maturity Date.
Borrower hereby promises to pay to Administrative Agent for the account of each applicable Revolving Lender on each R/C Maturity Date, the entire outstanding principal amount of such Revolving Lender's Revolving Loans of the applicable Tranche, and each such Revolving Loan shall mature on the R/C Maturity Date applicable to such Tranche.
Section 2.6 Repayment of Loans (a) The Revolving Borrowers promise to repay the entire unpaid principal amount of the Revolving Loans and the Swing Loans on the Scheduled RC Maturity Date or earlier, if otherwise required by the terms hereof.
Each notice shall be in the form of Exhibit L appropriately completed (each a Letter of Credit Request) and shall specify a date of issuance not beyond the fifth Business Day prior to the R/C Maturity Date.
Form of Letter of Credit Request) to the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by deleting the parenthetical (date must not be beyond the five Business Days prior to the R/C Maturity Date) in footnote 4 to such Exhibit.