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  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) Numeric – Decimal 0.02 9.999999 ARMs Only >= 0 and <= 1 99=no cap 51 Lifetime Maximum Rate (Ceiling) The maximum interest rate that can be in effect during the life of the loan.

  • Maximum Return, Maximum Rate, Ceiling or Cap The principal, coupon or any other amounts payable on the Notes may be subject to a “Maximum Return”, “Maximum Rate”, “Ceiling” or a “Cap” limiting the rate of return or coupon, which may accrue during the term of the Notes or during any Coupon Payment period.

  • Scholarship awards shall be equal to the Dual Credit Tuition Rate Ceiling.

  • Interest Rate Ceiling: The interest rate may be controlled to favour particular sectors.

  • Interest Rate Ceiling: For an adjust- able-rate mortgage (ARM), the maximum interest rate, as specified in the mort- gage note.

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Rate Ceiling means a cents per gallon upper limit on the tax rate determined by the department and imposed on gasoline or diesel fuel under section 8(1)(a) and (b). Beginning with the rate in effect on October 1, 2015, rate ceiling means, for each rate determined under section 8(1), the sum of the rate floor for the applicable period plus 5 cents per gallon.
Rate Ceiling. The maximum per annum Mortgage Interest Rate permitted under the related Mortgage Note. Rating Agency: Each of S&P and Fitch. If any such organization or a successor is no longer in existence, "Rating Agency" shall be such nationally recognized statistical rating organization, or other comparable Person, as is designated by the Depositor, notice of which designation shall be given to the Certificate Administrator and the Trustee. References herein to a given rating or rating category of a Rating Agency shall mean such rating category without giving effect to any modifiers.
Rate Ceiling. Any lifetime maximum interest rate specified in a Mortgage Note.
Rate Ceiling means a cents per gallon upper limit on the