Prudential ADR Holders definition

Prudential ADR Holders means all registered holders of Prudential ADRs.

Examples of Prudential ADR Holders in a sentence

  • Shareholders recorded on Prudential’s UK Register or Hong Kong Register at the applicable Voting Record Time will be eligible to vote.Singapore Holders recorded on CDP’s register as at 5.00 pm Singapore time on 17 August 2021 are entitled to send voting or nomination instructions to CDP to exercise voting rights in respect of their interest in Prudential Shares.An explanation as to how Prudential ADR Holders can vote is set out in the answer to the question at section 2.6 of this Part II.

  • Böylelikle, parti, pratikte geride kalan halkların kendi kaderini tayin hakkının gerçekleşmesine engel koymuş oldu.

  • Following completion of the Demerger, all Prudential Shareholders will continue to own their existing Prudential ordinary shares, all Singapore Holders will continue to have an interest in Prudential ordinary shares through CDP and all Prudential ADR Holders will continue to own their existing Prudential ADRs, in each case unless they sell or otherwise dispose of them in the usual course.

  • A summary of certain UK, Hong Kong, Singaporean and United States tax consequences in respect of the Demerger relevant to Shareholders and Singapore Holders who are resident (or, in the case of individuals, resident or domiciled) in the UK, Hong Kong or Singapore for tax purposes and Prudential ADR Holders or other U.S. Holders is set out in Part VI ( Taxation).The summary does not constitute tax advice and is intended as a guide only.

  • Shareholders, Singapore Holders, Prudential ADR Holders or other U.S. Holders who are in doubt about their tax position are strongly advised to contact an appropriate professional, independent adviser immediately.Availability of Share Sale OptionFor Qualifying Shareholders who are resident in the UK for UK tax purposes (a “UK Qualifying Tax Shareholder”), the distribution of Jackson Shares pursuant to the Demerger will be treated as a dividend (irrespective of whether they utilise the Share Sale Option).

  • It is true that appellant did not have an account of his own locally as he apparently was unable to open one, according to Simone Sciberras because he did not have a work permit.

Related to Prudential ADR Holders

  • Initial Holders has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • Principal Investors means the “principal investors” as defined in the Stockholders Agreement.

  • Majority Holders means the Holders of a majority of the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Registrable Securities; provided that whenever the consent or approval of Holders of a specified percentage of Registrable Securities is required hereunder, any Registrable Securities owned directly or indirectly by the Company or any of its affiliates shall not be counted in determining whether such consent or approval was given by the Holders of such required percentage or amount; and provided, further, that if the Company shall issue any additional Securities under the Indenture prior to consummation of the Exchange Offer or, if applicable, the effectiveness of any Shelf Registration Statement, such additional Securities and the Registrable Securities to which this Agreement relates shall be treated together as one class for purposes of determining whether the consent or approval of Holders of a specified percentage of Registrable Securities has been obtained.

  • Equity Holders funds” means the aggregate of issued share capital and reserves.

  • Existing Holders shall have the meaning given in the Recitals hereto.

  • Eligible Holders has the meaning set forth in Section 2.01(a).

  • Management Shareholders means Xxxxxx X. Xxxx, Xxxx X. Xxxxxxx, and Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxx.

  • Acting Holders means, at the time of determination, Holders of at least 40% of the outstanding CVRs as set forth on the CVR Register.

  • Initial Shareholders means the Sponsor, the Directors and officers of the Company or their respective affiliates who hold shares prior to the IPO;

  • PIPE Investors means those certain investors participating in the PIPE Investment pursuant to the Subscription Agreements.

  • CD&R Investors means, collectively, (i) CD&R Fund VIII, (ii) CD&R Friends & Family Fund VIII, L.P., a Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership, and any successor in interest thereto, and (iii) any Affiliate of any CD&R Investor identified in clauses (i) and (ii) of this definition.

  • Key Holders means the persons named on Schedule B hereto, each person to whom the rights of a Key Holder are assigned pursuant to Subsection 3.1, each person who hereafter becomes a signatory to this Agreement pursuant to Subsection 6.9 or 6.17 and any one of them, as the context may require.

  • Non-Directing Holders means the holders of Certificates representing the specified interest in the class of Certificates designated as the “controlling class” or the duly appointed representative of the holders of such Certificates or such other party otherwise entitled under the Note A-2 PSA to exercise the rights granted to the Non-Directing Holders in this Agreement. If Note A-2 has not been included in a Securitization, the Non-Directing Holder with respect to such Note will be the then-current Holder of such Note.

  • Participating Holders means all Holders of Registrable Securities which are proposed to be included in any offering of Registrable Securities pursuant to Section 2.1 or Section 2.2.

  • Existing Stockholders means the WCAS Securityholders and their Affiliates.

  • Investors means the Initial Investors and any transferee or assignee who agrees to become bound by the provisions of this Agreement in accordance with Section 9 hereof.

  • Management Investors means the officers, directors, employees and other members of the management of or consultants to any Parent, the Company or any of their respective Subsidiaries, or spouses, family members or relatives thereof, or any trust, partnership or other entity for the benefit of or the beneficial owner of which (directly or indirectly) is any of the foregoing, or any of their heirs, executors, successors and legal representatives, who at any date beneficially own or have the right to acquire, directly or indirectly, Capital Stock of the Company, any Restricted Subsidiary or any Parent.

  • Selling Holders means, with respect to a specified registration pursuant to this Agreement, Holders whose Registrable Securities are included in such registration.

  • Majority Shareholders has the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(a).

  • Lead Investors means collectively, BlackRock, GSO, Magnetar and, solely for purposes of Section 2.02(b), Investment Partners V (II), LLC.

  • Majority Investors means, as of any date, the holders of a majority of the Investor Shares outstanding on such date.

  • Initial Investors means (A) X.L. Insurance Company, Ltd.; (B) The Trident Partnership, L.P.; (C) Xxxxx & McLennan Risk Capital Holdings, Ltd.; or (D) any majority-owned subsidiary or parent (or equivalent in the case of a non-corporate entity) of the foregoing.

  • Controlling Shareholders means controlling shareholders of the Company, as such term is defined in the Ordinance.

  • Qualifying Holder means, with respect to any Investor, (i) any partner thereof, (ii) any corporation, partnership controlling, controlled by, or under common control with, such Investor or any partner thereof, or (iii) any other direct transferee from such Investor of at least 50% of those Registrable Shares held or that may be acquired by such Investor. None of the rights of any Investor under this Agreement shall be transferred or assigned to any Person (including, without limitation, a Qualifying Holder) that acquires Registrable Shares in the event that and to the extent that such Person is eligible to resell such Registrable Shares pursuant to Rule 144(k) of the Securities Act or may otherwise resell such Registrable Shares pursuant to an exemption from the registration provisions of the Securities Act.

  • Investor Registrable Securities means (a) all shares of Common Stock issued to the Investor pursuant to the Merger Agreement and (b) any equity securities of the Company issued or issuable directly or indirectly with respect to the foregoing securities referred to in clause (a) immediately above, in each case, by way of stock dividend or stock split or in connection with a combination or exchange of shares, recapitalization, merger, consolidation or other reorganization. As to any particular shares constituting Investor Registrable Securities, such shares will continue to be Investor Registrable Securities in the hands of any Permitted Transferee thereof, and such shares will cease to be Investor Registrable Securities (i) when they have been effectively registered or qualified for sale by prospectus filed under the Securities Act and disposed of in accordance with the registration statement covering them, (ii) when they have been sold to the public pursuant to Securities Act Rule 144 or other exemption from registration under the Securities Act, (iii) when they have been repurchased by the Company or a subsidiary of the Company or (iv) when the aggregate number of Investor Registrable Securities held by the Investor and its Affiliates cease to equal at least 3% of (X) the outstanding shares of Common Stock and (Y) any equity securities of the Company issued or issuable directly or indirectly with respect to the foregoing securities referred to in clause (X) immediately above by way of stock dividend or stock split or in connection with a combination or exchange of shares, recapitalization, merger, consolidation or other reorganization.

  • Founders means all Members immediately prior to the consummation of the IPO.