Property Plan definition

Property Plan means the plan marked ‘A’ initialled by or on behalf of the parties hereto for the purpose of identification;
Property Plan means the attached plan marked as such;
Property Plan means and refer to the Plat(s) or site plans of the Committed Property as may be amended or added to from time to time.

Examples of Property Plan in a sentence

  • During the year, the Board assesses the reasonableness of its 10 Year Property Plan on which the provision is based.

  • These funds are required to be spent in 2021 on Crown owned school buildings under the School's Five Year Property Plan.

  • The provision is a reasonable estimate, based on an up to date 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) or another appropriate source of evidence.

  • It lists information regarding You, Your Covered Property, Plan selected, and other vital information.

  • The optional Personal Property Plan can only be taken insofar as the Insured Persons are covered by the Core Plan and only on a family level, i.e. for the Expatriated Employee or the Individual Expatriate and his Dependants together.

  • How is the cyclical maintenance provision calculated?Use your school’s 10-Year Property Plan to determine each major item of cyclical maintenance that should be provided for.

  • Budgeting starts.Issue reminder notices for all outstanding debts to try and collect all money owing to the school before it closes for the year.NovemberEnsure your 10-year Property Plan is up to date and calculate the provision for cyclical maintenance.

  • The assumptions used in the spreadsheet will need to be verified every five years by reference to the professionally reviewed 10-Year Property Plan (10YPP), a long-term painting contract or other reliable sources of evidence.

  • These funds are required to be spent in 2020 on Crown owned school buildings under the School's Five Year Property Plan.

  • Example: Development and implementation of a Historic Property Plan for an area containing extensive galleries of prehistoric rock art.

More Definitions of Property Plan

Property Plan means the plan marked as such annexed to this Lease;
Property Plan means the plan of the Property set out in Appendix 1;
Property Plan means the plan prepared to identify capital works and maintenance
Property Plan means the plan annexed at 0

Related to Property Plan

  • Transition Property means the property right created by a financing order, including without

  • Restoration Plan means all technical and organisational measures necessary for the restoration of the system back to normal state;

  • Mixed-use property means an eligible property that includes three or more residential units and may also contain a commercial property component in the same building.

  • Seller Plan means any Employee Benefit Plan maintained, or contributed to, by the Seller or any ERISA Affiliate.

  • Safety Plan means a written document that has procedures, requirements, or standards related to safety which the pool staff shall follow. The safety plan shall include training and emergency response procedures.

  • Improvement Plan means the plan required by the Authority from the Supplier which shall detail how the Supplier will improve the provision of the Goods and/or Services pursuant to Clause 29.1.1 (Authority Remedies);

  • Common Properties means and refer to those areas of land shown on any recorded subdivision plat of The Properties and intended to be devoted to the common use and enjoyment of the owners of The Properties.

  • Seller 401(k) Plan has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(e).

  • Intended use plan or “IUP” means the program document identifying the intended uses of funds available for loans pursuant to the WPCSRF and the DWSRF.

  • Source Protection Plan means a drinking water source protection plan prepared under the Clean Water Act, 2006;

  • Common Property means any and all real and personal property and easements and other interests therein, together with the facilities and improvements located thereon, now or hereafter owned by the Association for the common use and enjoyment of the Owners.

  • Property Owner Association Property means, for each Fiscal Year, any property within the boundaries of IA No. 2 that was owned by a property owner association, including any master or sub-association, as of January 1 of the prior Fiscal Year.

  • Area Plan or “multiyear area plan” means a document, developed in accordance with the uniform area plan format and IAPI issued by the department, that is submitted to the department every four years, with annual updates, by an AAA in order to receive subgrants from the department’s grants.

  • Mixed-use project means a project comprising both a qualified

  • Home improvement contract means an oral or written

  • Operational Plan means a Forest Stewardship Plan, Woodlot Licence Plan, a Range Use Plan, or Range Stewardship Plan, as those terms are defined in provincial forest and range legislation;

  • Project area plan means a written plan that, after the plan's effective date, guides and controls the development within a project area.

  • Company Properties shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.15.1.

  • Non-U.S. Benefit Plan has the meaning set forth in Section 3.20(a).

  • Conservation Plan means a document that outlines how a project site will be managed using best management practices to avoid potential negative environmental impacts.

  • Participating Property means Development.

  • Management Plan means a plan to manage the activities and protect the special value or values in an Antarctic Specially Protected Area or an Antarctic Specially Managed Area.

  • Assets and Properties of any Person means all assets and properties of every kind, nature, character and description (whether real, personal or mixed, whether tangible or intangible, whether absolute, accrued, contingent, fixed or otherwise and wherever situated), including the goodwill related thereto, operated, owned or leased by such Person, including without limitation cash, cash equivalents, Investment Assets, accounts and notes receivable, chattel paper, documents, instruments, general intangibles, real estate, equipment, inventory, goods and Intellectual Property.

  • Operating Property means any property owned, leased, or operated by the Party in question or by any of its Subsidiaries or in which such Party or Subsidiary holds a security interest or other interest (including an interest in a fiduciary capacity), and, where required by the context, includes the owner or operator of such property, but only with respect to such property.

  • Plan means any employee pension benefit plan (other than a Multiemployer Plan) subject to the provisions of Title IV of ERISA or Section 412 of the Code or Section 302 of ERISA, and in respect of which the Borrower or any ERISA Affiliate is (or, if such plan were terminated, would under Section 4069 of ERISA be deemed to be) an “employer” as defined in Section 3(5) of ERISA.

  • Health benefit plan means a policy, contract, certificate or agreement offered or issued by a health carrier to provide, deliver, arrange for, pay for or reimburse any of the costs of health care services.