Producing Party definition

Producing Party means the parties to this action and any third-parties producing “Confidential Informationin connection with depositions, document production or otherwise, or the party asserting the confidentiality privilege, as the case may be.
Producing Party means any Party or non-party that discloses or produces any Discovery Material in this case.
Producing Party means a party or non-party that produces disclosure or discovery material in this action.

Examples of Producing Party in a sentence

  • QO22080481 ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF AGREEMENT The undersigned is an attorney, employee, or consultant, or expert for a party who has received, or is expected to receive, Confidential Information provided by Applicant or by another party (“Producing Party”) which has been identified and marked by the Producing Party as "Confidential Information." The undersigned acknowledges receipt of the Agreement of Non- Disclosure of Information Claimed to be Confidential and agrees to be bound by the terms of the Agreement.

  • However, nothing in this Agreement shall require the Producing Party to file a request with the Board’s Custodian of Records for a confidentiality determination under N.J.A.C. 14:1- 12 et seq.

More Definitions of Producing Party

Producing Party means any person or entity on whom a discovery request, in whatever form, has been propounded in this action.
Producing Party means the Party that is producing the Confidential Information.
Producing Party means the person or party producing in discovery in the Action.
Producing Party means the parties to this action and any third parties producing Confidential Information.
Producing Party means a Party or Non-Party that produces any Discovery Material in this Action.
Producing Party means and refers to the Party upon whom a request for the production of Documents is served.
Producing Party means the party or third-party that produced the Stamped Confidential Document.