Pollination definition

Pollination means the transfer of pollen by honey bees from anthers to stigmas of flowers for the purpose of plant fertilization;
Pollination means the use of colonies of bees to pollinate for the transfer of pollen in crops.;
Pollination means the use of bees for the transfer of pollen in crops;

Examples of Pollination in a sentence

  • Pollination and other ecosystem services produced by mobile organisms: a conceptual framework for the effects of land-use change.

  • Jarlan A, De Oliveiha D, Gingras J (1997) Pollination by Eristalis tenax (Diptera: Syrphidae) and seed set of greenhouse sweet pepper.

  • Crop Pollination Exposes Honey Bees to Pesticides Which Alters Their Susceptibility to the Gut Pathogen Nosema ceranae.

  • Kremen et al., Pollination and other ecosystem services produced by mobile organisms: A conceptual framework for the effects of land-use change.

  • In addition, under the Reproduction & Development Program of the National Mid- and Long-term Science and Technology Initiative (2005-2020), the MOST funded two major projects in plant research: Molecular Mechanism of Stem Cell and Cell Differentiation in Plants (25 million RMB) coordinated by Dr. Yuxin Hu at the Institute of Botany, CAS, and Molecular Mechanism of Cell-Cell Recognition during Pollination in Plants (25 million RMB) coordinated by Dr. Xiansheng Zhang at Shandong Agricultural University.

  • Recognizes that due to fires and climate change, the Bee industry faced many challenges in what was a historically difficult season, which is why in March 2019, the Hodgman Liberal Government worked closely with stakeholders, including the Tasmanian Beekeepers Association, the Tasmanian Crop Pollination Association, the TFGA and Fruit Growers Tasmania to provide both strategic and immediate assistance to ensure a strong, sustainable future for the Tasmanian honey and pollination industries.

  • Box 3.2.2.A Pollination ControlPC1 - Please describe the regeneration procedures that you follow for self- and outbreeding species.(Please include in your description the following aspects:a.

  • The NMK has created a Pollination Ecol- ogy and Bee Taxonomy Centre, developed parataxonomist courses, promoted meliponi- culture and apiculture and established pollina- tor gardens (Gikungu, 2008).

  • In addition, building on its technical activities and networks established under its Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture, and through funding provided by the Government of Norway, FAO has been working to contribute knowledge to the assessment on pollinators and pollination.

  • Pollination is essential for development of fruits in wild species of Musa.

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Pollination means the use of honey bees for the transfer of pollen in the production of agricultural crops.

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